2 thoughts on “July Forecast…

  1. I’m already feeling the effect of this report, VK. NOTHING seems to fit anymore and I’ve been really examining within and seeing and determining how to change. My emotions? Whew! Volatile! And it’s so darn hot outside I dread even going out to walk/hike/bike in order to get to Calm. Something seems to be blocking my path and I think it is for me to really SEE in order to bring in change. Tough stuff!! Thank you for this huge confirmation that I am not loosing my sanity. 😍

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    • These are very tough times AR….It almost feels as if we are being tested, “How much do really want what we want?” How hard are we willing to fight for it? Exhausting, but we just keep going. Like this weather. I suppose I could struggle to try and lift the AC window unit up and somehow get it in the window, but I thought to myself, Why not learn how to survive without it? It may not always be available to us given all the chaotic craziness going on, so I challenged myself to get through it with my fan. It’s freaking hot I’ll tell ya. I wish they would leave the weather alone once and for all and stop using it against us…Anyway, think simplicity will reviewing your life 🙂 Lots to be done by all of us so we simplfy….Hang in and stay cool….Hugs…VK ❤

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