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I find this new trend both interesting and I hope, encouraging. Now let me say right up front, I am not taking political sides here so don’t even start, I am writing about this from a different perspective than the article entirely. When I read this article it wasn’t a thank God they’re walking away from the Democratic party feeling I had, it was thank God these young folks are awake enough to have obviously freed themselves from the incessant brainwashing they have received in school for years. Schools are not the nice halls of education they may have once been. They are schools of indoctrination intended to push children in a certain direction to suit the warped needs of an obsessed few.  Very scary. I am so thankful my son is way beyond school age now and not being subjected to what today’s kids are. Creativity, inspiration and freedom to think for themselves has been stripped from their awareness. We are now churning out little robots who follow instructions, say what they are told to say and have no aspirations to grab life by the tail and go after it.

I have always held out hope that the younger generation would step forward and follow in our footsteps of awakening themselves to the TRUTH of what this world is really all about. When their brainwashing went from gradual and subtle to outright blatant and constant, then I began to worry. Minds can be easily swayed as we are now witnessing, especially when the information their minds are ingesting is not the truth to begin with and comes with agendas attached. Not good! So to see young minds finally coming back to life and thinking for themselves and refusing to swallow the pabulum any longer, that brings a spark of hope and joy to my heart.

I know what this world could be, I know what each and every one of us could be and that potential has been hidden from us, as we have been learning. There are not just political differences going on right now. It’s far more complex, and that ‘more’ is being disguised as political unrest, but if one pulls the curtain back they will see the real truth of what is going on. Humanity is switching to a new paradigm, a new way of thinking and a new way of being. We tadpoles are losing our tails and becoming frogs. Humanity is being asked to move forward in its growth and this switch is creating much upheaval as one would expect. It seems everyone is so quick and hair triggered to jump to the defense of their political views rather than seeing the bigger pictures we are being shown and this is holding us back.  Many will not see these bigger pictures until they free their minds so they can begin to think for themselves thereby allowing them to see newer, more far-reaching perspectives. So anytime I see young adults breaking free and embracing their freedom to be who they want to be, I rejoice! When we think, dream and create for ourselves, then and only then can life’s magic begin.

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