Silence and Disconnection= Creativity

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This past week I found myself without a modem connection therefore I didn’t have a phone or Internet access. My TV still worked but I cannot endure watching and listening to the undoing of our society. I will not ingest anymore negative, hateful rhetoric and I choose to withdraw from participating further in 3D life. So with no phone, Internet or TV to distract me I was left with silence and music. It was very telling to witness my withdrawal and what it revealed to me. First and foremost, I watched myself struggle with silence. I read a great deal and wrote down my thoughts everyday to stay occupied but I could see I needed to stop doing even that, and once I did I realized by no longer being distracted I was forced to reclaim my mind and even more importantly, my  creative mind. I could see from this time of silence how much being distracted by life’s drama deadens our creativity. We are no longer being challenged to create our own life stories, THEY ARE BEING CREATED FOR US!!

When we no longer are required to create and produce our personal life stories, when we just plug into the universal thought stream and become what everybody else is becoming, we lose our creative thinking.  We instead plug into autopilot and get swept up into whatever drama is unfolding for that day. We are doing anything BUT living the lives we should be living. Why do we so violently disagree with one another? It is because what the other person is promoting is a threat to OUR way of life we are pursuing. So how do we end the fighting and  violence? By ALL of us ‘together’ agreeing to change our life’s direction completely and working together to create a new life story. Our souls are starving from a scarcity of creativity. We are winging it solo on this journey it feels like because of the vile divisiveness  our country is being  torn apart by. No one is communicating with anybody else out of fear of being labeled and condemned, forcing us to crawl into dark corners to escape, seething with anger. It’s time to wake up now and crusade for what matters most in our life before it becomes obsolete.

It seems like people are so disconnected and distracted we can’t see what we are losing or the critical importance of fighting back. We must not be the whipped puppy that slinks away under the porch to lick its wounds. We must be the Pit Bull straining at the chains until they break. Injustice is imploding in the world right now and people have had enough. We know what we don’t want, but do we know what we DO want? It’s hard to construct a building without blueprints, so too it is difficult to live life without a purpose or at least a personal direction to head in, or morals and beliefs to live by and life laws to be followed out of respect. Establishing these guidelines and reconnecting ourselves with life is what our journey is all about, but we are being detoured miles and miles out of our way in hopes that we get lost.

I think it is probably necessary for all of us to go four or five days with no phone or Internet, face the obstacles that arise from the silence and encourage our minds to reactivate our creativity and get us thinking again. It seems like an oxymoron to see how silence and disconnection can actually bring us closer to where we truly want to be together. Once we engage ourselves in living free of distractions for a week, we ourselves begin to change and our perspectives on living life change and our priorities are reset. It definitely is worth trying! Best of luck and may the positive force be with you.

Blessings to all,


3 thoughts on “Silence and Disconnection= Creativity

  1. Dearest friend… You know How much I love this post.. Of course you do.. 🙂 So pleased we are linking into our inner selves and detaching from the need to feel connected to the internet.. I come back on line in small doses and am loving my creative side again..
    Love and Blessings VK… Keep following your inner Glow, and Keep going with the Flow.. ❤

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    • So happy you are so content DW at being away from the technology trap….It is a very good feeling. Same as I had with TV….Once I could no longer listen to the BS it was such a relief…I think a great many more people are fed up that we don’t realize…Yes we have a long way to go but I think people are so disillusioned right now and lost they will maybe find comfort in the truth for a change. I hope so anyway…Recharge that connection to what makes you smile 🙂 Happy weekend to you guys…Love…VK
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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