Who Are We?

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I’ve been wanting to write something, day after day, but what to write just never comes. I usually jump to blame myself for such things first, but I sat and thought about it for quite some time. I kept asking myself why was I having so much trouble coming up with topics and this is the answer I heard. It’s because we are midstream in a major shift in our evolving process. In other words, we are in a space totally foreign to us, the reality we once knew as “normal” is now nothing we have ever experienced before. It’s like being thrown into your first day on a new job, but nobody has informed you of what you are meant to do or what is expected of you. You are at a total loss and feeling somewhat insecure being out of your comfort zone.

When I began a blog back in 2012 there was a great deal to write about with the upcoming shift and waking people up. Well, what we anticipated back then  is coming about and it is hard to find words for what is going on and worse what we are meant to do about it. I had a very driven direction I was traveling in back then and now I feel like I’m going around aimlessly and not understanding where I was meant to go, think or do. My mind had been invaded by the negative chaos going on in the world and I have been trying just to survive that experience and stay sane. It has truly been a fascinating journey to be a part of. As difficult as these times are, I feel very blessed to have been a part of this monumental time in man’s evolution. Sadly we have gone backwards in our confusion and lost our way. No wonder we don’t know who we are or what we are meant to be doing.

The world desperately needs open minds that transcend the lines around our boxes. Far too many have been sucked into the propaganda and our balance is off, we are listing to one side and we need to right ourselves. These full moons and eclipses we’ve been having have been working overtime on forcing us to go within and straighten out the chaos  We have to know what we want before we can go after it and so I think we should realize we have to ask ourselves the tough questions many times in our lifetimes as we are forever changing. What we wanted ten years ago may well be something we don’t even consider any longer. So I believe it is important to take an inventory of your life again. Are you happy? If not why? What is holding you back? What truly means the most to you? What are your values you live by? What is it you think you want now at this time? How can you achieve that goal?

I think part of why we are seeing social media failing now, aside from the dishonesty, is because people are beginning to realize they have been duped out of life’s experience by allowing themselves to become entrenched slaves to their I Phones and social media accounts. Have you truly had a positive experience texting versus living your life fully and partaking in it consciously? Technology will always be a part of our lives, we revolve around it and depend upon it for the world to function, but we need not let it steal our lives from us. We humans are finally sensing there is far more to life than we’ve been told. We are seeing through the lies and no longer listening. We are finally seeing that everything we thought was real is anything but. That in itself is a huge jolt for humanity to accept and swallow. It’s no wonder we see chaos in the streets. We are the butterfly in the chrysalis, the mashed up caterpillar awaiting our wings so we may break out and fly free.

It seems at this time we need patience, clarity, and our ability to think for ourselves again and stand on our own. Be willing to explore new things because you ARE new. We all are new and still growing. Be gentle with yourselves, try to understand what is going on so you can figure out where you belong. Go find a tribe that thinks like you, shares your life values you live by and honor. Forget about what everybody else is doing, worry about you, tend to yourself and be kind. Learn to accept what is and stop fighting against it. Instead spend that time figuring out how you can fix what isn’t working so you can accept it. Nothing will change if we remain silent. Be active and creative, speak out when your voice is needed. Only we can stop our world from imploding.

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