Full Moon Aug. 26…


Hey Guys…Sorry I was late getting this out to you. Full moon was this morning and it was gorgeous! A deep orange, very fat, full Harvest moon. Well worth getting up at 5:00 a.m. to take a gander at. The effects will be with us for a short while so take note. Here is the article. Enjoy.

Glass Houses…

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Why has humanity begun to violently turn against one another, more than willing to throw their accusatory words and well as rocks at the glass houses where their co-workers, friends and neighbors once resided?  Can we not see at long last that we have had our minds manipulated? It is stunning to see how many people still believe everything they are told via the main stream media and as a result we have half the population oblivious to the truth of what is taking place. Maybe this is creators way of maintaining balance but at such an expense. Do we as a society ever stop and pay attention long enough to ask important questions like ” hey why is this going on?” People sit captivated in front of their televisions listening to ‘stories’ and ingest them as truth, when in actuality, if they just stopped long enough to question why humanity was suddenly becoming violent and intolerant of those around them, they would begin to question everything and begin to see truth seep in. What is causing this worrisome new mindset?

We tend to look around us and search for a guilty looking culprit to blame for whatever is going wrong rather than ever dare entertain the thought perhaps people higher up the food chain than us are orchestrating what is taking place as part of their agenda. Too many coincidences to not be true as right now we are witnessing the silencing of free speech. How long will we allow ourselves to be played for fools, falling for the lies and distractions and falling in line with how they wish for us to think?  Where did this unwavering blind trust we seem to live by come from? It is a shocking reality to think of how many people turn on the so called “news” every night and then mold their lives around what they are hearing. Do we ever stop to question ourselves and our reality? Do we ever question if what we are being told is true or not?  I find it usually takes a pretty major event occurring in ones life to smash apart the walls surrounding  our personal realities.  We guard them like a fortress and do battle to keep things ‘normal’ in our day to day lives. We don’t rock the boat, don’t allow our foundations to crumble.

The frightening reality of what is going on with the media today isn’t even the lies being offered up as truths, it is what people are NOT being told, what is conveniently being left out of the telling, in order to steer people’s attention in a desired direction. If a story happening in the world does not fit the agenda/story of what the media is pushing, more often than not it does not get reported upon or at best is given a minute and a half airtime. People are being shown only half the story, half the reality, which is causing them to view reality is a very warped and untrue light. It happens everyday and we wonder why there is so much chaos.  I do not say all this to be partisan, I write about this as a concerned citizen who wants to make up my own mind not be told what to think!

And so we now have a situation where half the country is functioning on lies and heated rhetoric, being urged to incite aggression by our so called ‘leaders’ who should be forced to resign because of their actions yet nothing happens. People are being whipped into an angry frenzy and the new normal being accepted in our society is to throw accusations and rocks at glass houses hoping to stir up trouble. What people hopefully will come to understand is that all of this indoctrination is being manipulated in order to create discord and divide the people against one another. The oldest trick in the book for corrupt leaders to take control of the people. I urge everyone to think for themselves, ask the tough questions, search for the truth, think outside the box more, because staying in that box will eventually bring about your demise.  Find your courage, find your strength and find your self worth again that allows you to finally stand up and say “I’m not taking this anymore”. Put down your rocks and angry words and awaken.

Blessings to us all,


We Are All Astronauts…

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If I were to dare watch television these days I might be overwhelmed with fear from all of the outrageous drama being whipped up for good ratings and our distraction from reality, but I do not wish to go down that path. Fear is being manufactured at an all time high through the mass media at the moment and if one is not paying close attention they are susceptible to being sucked into the web. We need not go there at all.

We can all be astronauts and let our inspirations and imaginations soar free into the cosmos. If we allow our thoughts and dreams to fly free, they are able to escape the confines of the box in which they have been held captive and endless possibilities are born. We all have choice as to what realities we create for ourselves through our beliefs. There is no law that says we can’t change our beliefs if they no longer fit who we are becoming. We are changing who we are right now as the human species and we must be free to go where our souls beckon for us to go to be who we truly are. We must find the courage to let go of what has been and embrace what can be.

We keep hearing one word these days being crammed down our throats. Resistance!  That is the last thing we need to be doing. Nothing positive is born out of resistance, it stifles us, it hobbles us, it smothers our spirits and breeds anger and frustration. So many people are stumbling around filled with fear and rage and they don’t even realize they can change if they want to. They can shut off their televisions and stop participating in the drama that is sinking its claws into everything. Ask yourself what you really want to do, what kind of life you really want to have and go after it. Stop playing the media game of distraction and division and pay attention to your spirit within. If you listen quietly you can hear it speak to you about what direction you are meant to go in next.

This is the cross roads we have heard so much about, the fork in the road and which way we will go. Humanity is lost at the moment and it needs astronauts to free us from this quicksand of evil we find ourselves sinking in. We cannot move forward until we free ourselves enough to take a first step, and we can’t do that until we break ourselves free from our comfort zones and risk making a change. We see what the anger and violence and the inability to accept what is is doing to our world. We need astronauts to lift us up from the quagmire and inspire us to become more than we are now. We have a choice of being afraid and angry or we can feel the excitement of challenging ourselves to grow and become more. It’s time to fly free into a reality of new thinking and compassion for all. We are the astronauts, change begins with us, lets get on with it!

Blessings to us all,


Watch and listen and remember why life is wonderful…



For those who read my posts, you know I often mention getting to the core of things, to discover the root cause of things, so they can be dealt with. We have to find the root of a problem in order to know where to begin fixing things. It seems that world Governments today have chosen to not look at the roots to fix anything, instead the world is covered in band aids that have lost their adhesive. I was listening to politicians today spouting off about this problem and that problem and arguing about how best to deal with it and I could clearly see the truth of what is going on. Nobody fixes the problems because they are the life blood that keeps those in power going and sadly those problems are used against us. Our problems are never solved because they are used to push personal agendas. It’s criminal. Nobody I know would be allowed to stay in their jobs if they were doing what Governments are doing. Well the jig is up, the sleeping giant has awoken. A powerful awareness has begun to radiate throughout the world, hearts have begun beating again and finally understanding our situations, we see a shift in world perspective exploding.

If our Governments are so corrupt nothing ever gets fixed or changed, well guess what? It is up to us to get things done! As Socrates said it so long ago ” The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”.  So build we must.I know there are millions out there who have walked through their lives like I and so many I know , stumbling along kind of because they somehow didn’t feel like they fully fit in. There was just something that was slightly off. We didn’t know enough to understand the importance of questioning our reality, ourselves, or our keepers back then. Since then eyes have opened and minds have freed themselves and allowed in new and challenging perspectives, the day-to-day soap opera going on is no longer believable. While on the one hand awakening can be exhilarating, it can equally be unsettling. This is why we are here at this time, this is where we finally fit in.

So I guess now that many( I hope ) have begun to view their reality differently and they have found the courage to question and challenge and embrace a new perspective on life, it is now time to ask what happens next. Of course we do not know, nobody does, not for certain anyway, but we can be prepared for whatever comes our way. That begins with securing our own personal foundations, believing in ourselves and our convictions, standing strong in our beliefs and living our lives with integrity, honesty and equality for all.  Strong ideals are absent in todays reality and we are seeing the very structure of society cracking and crumbling from the lack.

This is why we are here at this very critical juncture in the evolution of mankind. The scientific and technological minds will be called upon to create their parts of the new story we are writing. The spiritual people will be called upon to restore the moral fabric that once held us all together that has been lost and the earth connected people will be called upon to find new ways to restore the environment etc. In other words, it is now time we all activate. The further our present reality continues to unravel the more chaos will prevail and so we must create a new reality to offer to those who are lost. You cannot take something away from people without showing them the options available to them with which to fill that void. We each have our gift or calling we brought in with us this lifetime and it is time to use them and save our world and advance humanity to the next level. The soap opera has gone on long enough!

This space we find ourselves in may seem like frightening times to many, but embrace that new perspective I mentioned. See these times for what they really are, exciting times to be able to witness humanity shift itself from one paradigm to another, to write our new story,  to raise our consciousness and move ahead into becoming what we are meant to become next. This has never happened before. Feel honored.  If we are going to rewrite our story should we not make it a happier one, a more loving one, a story shared by all? Who could possibly want to write a new story with all the old garbage attached? Take that gift you were given and share it where it is needed in the world in whatever way you can. If we all are doing this together we change reality, we write a new story. The magic is in how we see the world.

Blessings to all,