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I was thinking about the state of the world the other day(dangerous) and was trying to figure out what I found the most distressing about what is going on. I finally asked myself to find one word that best described it, much like with writing a Haiku and how the bigger picture gets boiled down to a few words to find the core of what you are trying to express. The first word which came to mind was corrupt and it is most certainly appropriate for this situation, but it didn’t satisfy the meat of what I was feeling. The word that won out for me was ‘Games’. The majority of Governments worldwide are all partaking in game playing and it is extremely unsettling. These people are living their lives in a fantasy world orchestrated by money, power and greed, all of the games played to get to where they want to be. It’s a large group of people and it is throwing everything else out of balance. Why you may ask.

Because the gaming world they are immersed in is not reality for the majority of humanity.  Those less fortunate in life are actually vital to the world as they are the ones with a grasp on reality because they are struggling to survive it everyday. They have not become completely disconnected from life like so many wealthy and powerful have become. I don’t say that with judgment, but rather with an understanding of what they are experiencing. It’s like politicians drink a poison that slowly invades their minds and alters their perception of life. They get sucked into the game, almost unaware and before long they are addicted like with an addiction on drugs and they have no control or ability to stop what they are doing. The lust for power, money and control is unavoidable to them,  it’s what drives them to a very delusional state of mind.

Games are so offensive on so many levels. They are not honest, they tend to misinform and they create competition that becomes extreme, sometimes violent and at times even deadly.  I am a real truth fanatic which is why I probably find games so evil. They are dishonest, they involve making others think the way you want them to think about something, they are not up front but most often behind the back. This is a time in human history when mankind should be blossoming into the next level of being. We should be embracing oneness, compassion for all, kindness, giving, helping one another and striving to better the world.  There is no place for division in the world, we need each other and the sooner we understand and accept this, the better Human Beings we become. That is the true mission of why we are here, to better our species and grow to the next level, but the hateful behavior being raged today is making this move impossible for the moment. This is why we need to awaken quickly and start listening to what WE think and feel not what we are programmed to think or feel.

Truth is like cement that glues humanity together and holds everything in place. Remove truth and we flounder as we are now and eventually we will fall if we do not realize we have been sleepwalking through life, oblivious to why we really are here. It is time we stop making life all about money and class and power point presentations. By doing this we take the magic out of every day because we have stopped ‘Being’ and have become lost the in ‘Doing’. Life is far more than just doing. Life should be the time spent experiencing it, becoming enmeshed in it and interacting honestly with it, being deeply aware of each moment of everyday and being able to FEEL why we are here. Shut off autopilot immediately and put yourself in 1st gear. It’s time we found the courage to become the crusaders we need to be to change our lives and experience who we are supposed to become next.

Blessings to all,

Visionkeeper ❤

6 thoughts on “Games…

  1. Perfect description of todays world.. Power Games, controlling the board and all its pieces… By strategically putting down all the rules which will take away the power for anyone other than the creators of the game to power to win..
    Yet without the players the game can not be played… When we lose the Fear of Losing… We WIN..

    Loved your music choice… still playing and will save to my soothing music… ❤


  2. VK, so powerfully and lovingly written. I so enjoyed listening to the music while I read your words. We can only live as you speak in our own lives and as we do that truth shall Ripple out to those We Touch. I have turned my eyes away from those who hold power of control because in focusing on that I feel just so helpless. I put my eyes on myself and my own life and in so doing I take my power back regarding who I am. Absolutely loved this post, dear friend. I can feel your heart through your words. 💕

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    • Hi there AR..So good to connect with you again…I’m not sure why I must have become un-subscribed to your site? Very odd. Maybe we talk truth too often. ha! Let ’em squirm….I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep on here as I am getting NO visitors really. Don’t know what has happened. Are we being censored at WP? I would like to think not, but….Ya never know anymore….Sad state of affairs. Glad you enjoyed this post and thank you SO much for your kind words! A real pick me up 🙂 Stay sweet and I’ll keep checking in there if I don’t get new post alerts from you. It will mean I have been unsubscribed again by someone…Have a happy day and hug those babies! Hugs to you and love…VK ❤

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      • I’ve been having so many problems getting on my blog, VK. It is SO frustrating! I haven’t been on WP a lot so my stats are down which makes me think I’m at the bottom of the cess pool of importance. And then I’ve gotten unfollowed many times by blogs I follow to which I just refollow again. I’m staying cool …. I was going to take pics today but it is SO HOT out there. Nope. Not today. Big HUGS to you!! 💝💝💝

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