Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

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I spent all yesterday in a major funk, depressed and angry, but what I felt most was utter sadness at where this country has gone. It is like being in a nightmare you can’t get out of and it’s like the Groundhog movie as well, as injustice continues to be repeated day after day. It is disgusting on every level. I am so filled with shame that humanity has fallen yet again down into the depths of filth, depravity and immorality. I guess we do never learn as is so often said about us. It is stunning to witness and I feel deep within as well as all around me, the end is coming. People are beyond exhausted, they are downright angry and willing to act on that anger. That is what is getting to be so scary. People’s minds are exploding from the insane thinking taking place or maybe I should say the lack of thinking taking place. People are not engaged in reality, they themselves are not thinking things through, they are following the demented herd of idiots fighting to possess power at all costs despite whose lives they destroy! This is what our country has come to. No respect, no gratitude, no caring for others…It’s dog eat dog irregardless of what it is doing to our country as a whole.

I cannot even write here at the blog anymore. The world has careened so far off course I have no words left to share with anyone and people are so divided that probably nobody reads or listens to my words anyway.  America is NOT the land of the free, we can’t even speak without being accosted by whacko lefties putting on a grand show. If we speak incorrectly we are driven off of websites and social media. If we appear threatening in any manner to these people we are taken down and destroyed just like you witnessed with Judge Kavanaugh. So disgraceful. So depressing to sadly realize we are not raising our consciousness, we are not improving ourselves, we are not evolving to the next level, we are screaming backwards down hill to our demise.

I truly do not know what to say anymore. My head aches, my body aches and my heart aches with disappointment. Will I come out of this? Of course I will but I am willing to share my sentiments with you all because I know damn well there are others out there feeling very much what I am feeling as well. I know I am not alone, most others just don’t dare speak their mind. That is tragic!  All I can say is something better give soon or else. Stay close to nature where peace resides and have a good weekend. I think about you all often, I just don’t have the words needed to write anymore…

Blessings to all,



Harvest Full Moon Has Arrived…

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Sun in Libra ~ Moon in Aries 2º

Monday, Sept 24, 8:52 PM Mountain Daylight Time

(Tuesday, Sept 25, 2:52 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

The Harvest Full Moon has caught up to Chiron retrograde who continues to oppose the Sun.  We’re reaching back to heal what alienates us from each other.   Saturn and Vesta square the Sun/Moon axis forming a T-Square reinforcing the tensions of the Equinox.  There’s a challenge here to utilize our inner self-reliance to move our awakening forward.  As we heal our own inner conflicts, we heal our ancestral lines as well.  Saturn and Vesta both 2º Capricorn lend us strength, integrity, the long view and the courage to go within and focus on what is sacred to us.  Together they provide a balanced, steadying force to the Aries Full Moon.

The North and South Nodes are very activated. 4º Leo/Aquarius.  The Nodes are our raw growing edge (North) and where we reach to the past and release and resolve the lessons we came here in this lifetime to finish up (South).  Mars has been working the South Node for months bullying us into letting go ‘for our own good’.  That Mars/South Node point is involved in THREE sacred geometry configurations:  a Grand Square, a Grand Trine, and a Mystic Rectangle!  Is that even possible?  The planets have aligned to give us a choice.  We can choose whatever frequency at which we want to vibrate:  Grand Square in fixed signs for maximum resistance, conflict and frustration, or Grand Trine in mostly Air signs learning to work with the mental realms and express our masculine selves creatively and with great ease, flexibility and cooperation, or Mystic Rectangle to use the opportunities provided and make something meaningful happen in our lives applying our gifts and talents.  Your choice.

Mars is our masculine source of assertive action and instinctive vitality full of passion, independence and willfulness, but at the lowest vibrations you get abuse of power, self-centeredness, greed and aggressive bad behavior – something we see played out collectively of late.  Mars rules this Aries Full Moon and it may turn out to be a rough and tumble one or a very dynamic one for you.  Fortunately for us, astrology is a balance of fate and free will.  The planets are aligned, and now you have free choice as to how you respond.  That’s how this Earth game is set up.

All times are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

10/05 Venus retrograde 11º Scorpio until 11/16

10/08 Libra New Moon 16º 9:47 PM MDT

10/23 Sun enters Scorpio 5:22 AM MDT

10/24 Taurus Full Moon 1º 10:46 AM MDT

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

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Where To Begin….

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I’ve been sick for many days now, in bed and unable to function nor did I have a desire to do so! I believe it was Creators way of saying it was time for me to withdraw and try to heal within. I am so thoroughly disgusted with my Government and all of the insanity and game playing and double standards and just plain B.S.!! It truly has become more than I could deal with and apparently Creator thought so too. The insanity going on everyday has made it very difficult to even want to be a part of this life anymore. It most definitely is NOT my style of life I am trapped in. Half of humanity is rising above and the other half is falling much like it has fallen before because they refuse to learn their lessons and just continually repeat their mistakes. Very depressing to have to be a part of. Especially when you have worked so hard to rise above and better yourself.

These are most certainly times of monumental stress all around us. Major testing as to how well we handle ourselves, what we are learning and what we choose to do about it. What makes this all the more difficult is being surrounded by so many who don’t seem to have learned a thing. Very frustrating and after a while it begins to get to you. And so my body gave out from the stress of it all and my mind needed to retreat and separate itself from everything going on. Back in 2012 when this journey truly began one would always hear about walking between the worlds. It is a very onerous place to try to balance oneself! Part of you remains in the calamity of the old world, the old way of observing life, while your other half is walking in a world where life is guided by higher thinking and greater understanding. You’d much rather stay there and feel joy, but apparently you still have some work to be done down here below in the chaos.

What seems so scary to me is I don’t see people engaged in life to the point they desire change for themselves and those around them. They seem content to remain blinded by their ignorance to reality and there is nothing one can do except witness it all. If one can see change emerging there can be hope, but when one only sees the continual repetition of mistakes and failure for those to grow, depression sets in and the true struggle begins, to stay above the fray. I know full well why I was sick. I’ve had enough of the crap that has hijacked the world making it a place I no longer desire to be. These are the times we must find our own personal ways to rise above the low energy thinking and become more! I have no idea where this sad story of humanity will end up, but I do know I am exhausted and fed up and I feel so sad for all of the young children having to grow up in this environment. It is why we so desperately need to shift ourselves up out of the darkness and into the light! Stay strong & fight hard!

Blessings to all,



Well Here We Are…

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I don’t know about anybody else, but the energies coming at us recently have been both intense and exhausting for me. I actually stayed in bed for two days. I thought it was my Lyme Disease acting up again, and it may well have been, but it felt like more, it was all-encompassing. It felt like the ground beneath my feet was undulating and my balance was completely off. I felt weak and shaky and yet I knew I felt well physically otherwise. We are rapidly approaching the end game. The emotions flying about in the cosmos are wild and out of control. There are no longer boundaries that honor each of us as human beings.

The air is rife with desperation and fear from the top down. Humanity is in a free fall. Where will we land? Will we survive the fall? Are we willing to give up the false illusion we have all been living under and finally embrace the truth no matter how disturbing it may be? We are entrapped in a war for our minds, which consciousness will win out, who will we become in the end? Each side is correct as those are the beliefs they choose to take ownership of. This is where the Hundredth Monkey will enter the arena and make the decision as to which consciousness will eventually take the lead.

These are historic times and sadly they are being greatly diminished by the fear and drama being perpetuated everyday for grand distraction. We humans are in the pupa stage waiting for the right time to emerge and take flight. Just like the caterpillar, we too are transforming while nestled inside our cocoons of evolution. We are not who we were ten or fifteen years ago. We are stretching and yawning and slowly coming awake after a very long slumber. It may take us a while to fully catch on, but hopefully we will soon re-engage with life as it really is.

That process has already begun and time is growing short. We must break free from our cocoons before the cold weather arrives endangering our journey. It all comes down to truth and whether we can find the strength and quite frankly the interest to accept it and move ourselves forward. Truth, both with ourselves and with others is the key to the kingdom we have been searching for. Where there is truth there can be no illusion. Time to awaken and open our minds. Which road will we choose to go down?

Blessings to all,