7 thoughts on “A New Moon Cometh…

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    • Huh….For some reason I didn’t get alerted to your comment DW so I didn’t know you had. Sorry about that. Things are good right now as I have tried very hard to disconnect from the insane side of life. Staying in the calm side where sanity rules…Much better there! As for what lies ahead I am sure a very bumpy road is soon to come as those wallowing in the insanity have been living in LaLa land for so long the truth will shock the heck out of them. I see more chaos ahead unfortunately…In their world not mine! Hope all is well. Hugs to you and hi to hubby… much love….VK ❤

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      • That’s Ok VK.. I had left a few comments and thought it strange you had not responded, as you usually do… Yes a bumpy ride is a mild expression to what I see coming.. But keeping our own calm and balance as the chaos is bound to spread out soon is what we need to focus on.. And like you say, nothing we can do about it… Just be ourselves and make sure our own hearts are open and in the right place for our own journey onwards and upwards!…
        Much LOVE.. ❤ And Hubby says Hi right back.. And harvesting crops, and putting Spring Cabbage in for next year.. Sweetcorn nearly harvested.. And Butternut Squash maturing nicely.. We've had a couple.. 🙂 Thinking of seeds and ordering for next year.. 🙂 All good in our world right now.. ❤


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