Away We Go…

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There has been some kind of shift as of late, a lightening that is uplifting us and moving us forward. This movement is certainly not an easy one on all levels. It seems a great many people have been slogging around in the darkness within themselves, sorting things out and setting new priorities. I know I personally have noticed how my thoughts have begun changing. When faced with a challenge to overcome, rather than succumbing to the chaos and confusion, I find myself automatically searching my mind for a way to compromise and make things work. It’s as if that older way of thinking has been overridden by my new way of thinking. It wasn’t anything I consciously did, it just started happening. It sure makes life lighter and more even.

I sense my inner self looking out through new perspectives. The fear to risk in my life has lessened and I find myself making small but bolder moves forward with a steadfastness that is supportive and reassuring. Perhaps I may not even have noticed these changes taking place had I not been paying attention to my life and how I was interacting with it. I have been quiet for quite some time. I felt like a snake that had to go off into the bushes to be alone to shed its skin. I have shed an older part of me that no longer served me, at the same time a new me is coming out into the light.

I can see now more clearly that no matter what insanity is being shoved down the people’s throats as reality, it is NOT my reality, by choice. It feels like I do not walk down the same roads as the insanity, there is no reason for me to try to dodge and avoid it, it just isn’t a part of my life. It clearly could be if I allowed it into my mind, but that is not who I am or how I wish to live my life. I know I am not alone in feeling these things as many people around me seem to be undergoing some kind of transition or other. Humanity is moving wildly about in search of safety as the ground rocks beneath them and they are beginning to understand at long last thankfully that it is only they themselves who can bring about their safety by establishing a strong and permanent foundation upon which to stand. We have been lured away from ourselves for so long now we failed to see the importance of being connected to self and who we are!

If you are being tossed about in the roiling waters of chaos, don’t look for someone else to toss you a life vest. Open your eyes and your hearts and find your own way to safety.  It lies within you but you won’t find the direction to the way out of this maze if you don’t clean up your own house first.  Look for new perspectives on life to test out and have faith your soul will know when you are headed down the right road.

Blessings to all…


6 thoughts on “Away We Go…

  1. I think that is the only way we can move forward dear VK, In that we alter our perspective on situations and look within to find our own ways of adapting and moving forward during these times of changes.

    I wondered where you had been, and had I not seen your posts today in one of my own rare visits to my reader I was going to email you.

    And yes sometimes we have to step back , I call my own retreat going into my cave of contemplation.. 🙂
    And yes I am always amazed at the layers we keep finding to remove..

    And yes you are right, it is not our reality unless we buy into it and give it our energy..

    This journey is is about to unfold drastically and at a speed no one envisioned..
    Being prepared mentally within is what is all important..

    While our instincts are still wanting others to wake up to themselves.. And we are trying to trigger some sort of responses within them to get them to look deeper at themselves..
    We are not responsible for their waking..

    We can only be the way-showers- the rest is up to them..

    I have done a lot of soul searching even within family members who seem fast asleep .. I have had to come to accept that is their path, their choice and so just concentrate on my own internal well-being.

    And yes you are right it is only they themselves who can bring about those firmer foundations upon which to stand and grow..

    Now is the time to Dive deeper within ourselves and that is just what I too have been doing..

    I have been gathering lots of information which seems to just fall into my awareness at just the time I need it..

    So I totally agree… The importance of connecting to self..

    Keep creating our own reality.. One that is filled with the beauty of Mother Nature, and Love from our hearts..

    Sending continued well wishes dearest VK.. You are so loved.. And I thank
    you for all you share…
    You held me up many times..

    Much Love.. ❤ Sue


  2. As always, VK, all we can do is keep on keeping on! Forwards ever forwards, no matter how many times we come across obstacles or are pulled sideways or find something trying to drag us back. If these… I’ll call them annoyances… come calling, we can notice them, but then let them go. We don’t need to take anything annoying with us on our journeys, do we?
    Great post, as usual, VK!

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    • Thanks TL….Yeah, learning to shut out what you don’t want or need in your life makes for smoother sailing…Takes a while to master but when you do, life changes. Have a good weekend…Cooler weather hitting us now…The last gasps of summer….K 🙂


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