Well Here We Are…

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I don’t know about anybody else, but the energies coming at us recently have been both intense and exhausting for me. I actually stayed in bed for two days. I thought it was my Lyme Disease acting up again, and it may well have been, but it felt like more, it was all-encompassing. It felt like the ground beneath my feet was undulating and my balance was completely off. I felt weak and shaky and yet I knew I felt well physically otherwise. We are rapidly approaching the end game. The emotions flying about in the cosmos are wild and out of control. There are no longer boundaries that honor each of us as human beings.

The air is rife with desperation and fear from the top down. Humanity is in a free fall. Where will we land? Will we survive the fall? Are we willing to give up the false illusion we have all been living under and finally embrace the truth no matter how disturbing it may be? We are entrapped in a war for our minds, which consciousness will win out, who will we become in the end? Each side is correct as those are the beliefs they choose to take ownership of. This is where the Hundredth Monkey will enter the arena and make the decision as to which consciousness will eventually take the lead.

These are historic times and sadly they are being greatly diminished by the fear and drama being perpetuated everyday for grand distraction. We humans are in the pupa stage waiting for the right time to emerge and take flight. Just like the caterpillar, we too are transforming while nestled inside our cocoons of evolution. We are not who we were ten or fifteen years ago. We are stretching and yawning and slowly coming awake after a very long slumber. It may take us a while to fully catch on, but hopefully we will soon re-engage with life as it really is.

That process has already begun and time is growing short. We must break free from our cocoons before the cold weather arrives endangering our journey. It all comes down to truth and whether we can find the strength and quite frankly the interest to accept it and move ourselves forward. Truth, both with ourselves and with others is the key to the kingdom we have been searching for. Where there is truth there can be no illusion. Time to awaken and open our minds. Which road will we choose to go down?

Blessings to all,