Harvest Full Moon Has Arrived…

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Sun in Libra ~ Moon in Aries 2º

Monday, Sept 24, 8:52 PM Mountain Daylight Time

(Tuesday, Sept 25, 2:52 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

The Harvest Full Moon has caught up to Chiron retrograde who continues to oppose the Sun.  We’re reaching back to heal what alienates us from each other.   Saturn and Vesta square the Sun/Moon axis forming a T-Square reinforcing the tensions of the Equinox.  There’s a challenge here to utilize our inner self-reliance to move our awakening forward.  As we heal our own inner conflicts, we heal our ancestral lines as well.  Saturn and Vesta both 2º Capricorn lend us strength, integrity, the long view and the courage to go within and focus on what is sacred to us.  Together they provide a balanced, steadying force to the Aries Full Moon.

The North and South Nodes are very activated. 4º Leo/Aquarius.  The Nodes are our raw growing edge (North) and where we reach to the past and release and resolve the lessons we came here in this lifetime to finish up (South).  Mars has been working the South Node for months bullying us into letting go ‘for our own good’.  That Mars/South Node point is involved in THREE sacred geometry configurations:  a Grand Square, a Grand Trine, and a Mystic Rectangle!  Is that even possible?  The planets have aligned to give us a choice.  We can choose whatever frequency at which we want to vibrate:  Grand Square in fixed signs for maximum resistance, conflict and frustration, or Grand Trine in mostly Air signs learning to work with the mental realms and express our masculine selves creatively and with great ease, flexibility and cooperation, or Mystic Rectangle to use the opportunities provided and make something meaningful happen in our lives applying our gifts and talents.  Your choice.

Mars is our masculine source of assertive action and instinctive vitality full of passion, independence and willfulness, but at the lowest vibrations you get abuse of power, self-centeredness, greed and aggressive bad behavior – something we see played out collectively of late.  Mars rules this Aries Full Moon and it may turn out to be a rough and tumble one or a very dynamic one for you.  Fortunately for us, astrology is a balance of fate and free will.  The planets are aligned, and now you have free choice as to how you respond.  That’s how this Earth game is set up.

All times are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

10/05 Venus retrograde 11º Scorpio until 11/16

10/08 Libra New Moon 16º 9:47 PM MDT

10/23 Sun enters Scorpio 5:22 AM MDT

10/24 Taurus Full Moon 1º 10:46 AM MDT

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

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6 thoughts on “Harvest Full Moon Has Arrived…

  1. OMG! This is so right on I am covered, just covered in goosebumps! VK, I am SO grateful to you for this MAJOR confirmation of my life! I am going to do my best to photograph this Harvest Moon tonight. I have a special filter I want to try out. Time for me to get the directions out for my tripod and put attachments on my camera so that I can use it. OK!! You have motivated me to do this! THANK YOU!!! 🌹

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    • I’ll be waiting to see what you capture on film AR….I know it will be gorgeous! Glad this report hit the right spot for you. That’s always fun when that happens….Stay motivated and suck what you can from this moment. Be well and hugs to all the babies and you….VK ❤

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