Where To Begin….

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I’ve been sick for many days now, in bed and unable to function nor did I have a desire to do so! I believe it was Creators way of saying it was time for me to withdraw and try to heal within. I am so thoroughly disgusted with my Government and all of the insanity and game playing and double standards and just plain B.S.!! It truly has become more than I could deal with and apparently Creator thought so too. The insanity going on everyday has made it very difficult to even want to be a part of this life anymore. It most definitely is NOT my style of life I am trapped in. Half of humanity is rising above and the other half is falling much like it has fallen before because they refuse to learn their lessons and just continually repeat their mistakes. Very depressing to have to be a part of. Especially when you have worked so hard to rise above and better yourself.

These are most certainly times of monumental stress all around us. Major testing as to how well we handle ourselves, what we are learning and what we choose to do about it. What makes this all the more difficult is being surrounded by so many who don’t seem to have learned a thing. Very frustrating and after a while it begins to get to you. And so my body gave out from the stress of it all and my mind needed to retreat and separate itself from everything going on. Back in 2012 when this journey truly began one would always hear about walking between the worlds. It is a very onerous place to try to balance oneself! Part of you remains in the calamity of the old world, the old way of observing life, while your other half is walking in a world where life is guided by higher thinking and greater understanding. You’d much rather stay there and feel joy, but apparently you still have some work to be done down here below in the chaos.

What seems so scary to me is I don’t see people engaged in life to the point they desire change for themselves and those around them. They seem content to remain blinded by their ignorance to reality and there is nothing one can do except witness it all. If one can see change emerging there can be hope, but when one only sees the continual repetition of mistakes and failure for those to grow, depression sets in and the true struggle begins, to stay above the fray. I know full well why I was sick. I’ve had enough of the crap that has hijacked the world making it a place I no longer desire to be. These are the times we must find our own personal ways to rise above the low energy thinking and become more! I have no idea where this sad story of humanity will end up, but I do know I am exhausted and fed up and I feel so sad for all of the young children having to grow up in this environment. It is why we so desperately need to shift ourselves up out of the darkness and into the light! Stay strong & fight hard!

Blessings to all,



8 thoughts on “Where To Begin….

  1. So sorry to hear you have been ill VK.. I so hope you are feeling better my friend.. And yes we hear bits and pieces about all that is going on in the world of politics over there..
    Its not much different here believe me, and even Hubby is sick of the word Brexit.. As excuse after excuse is made and laid at its door…

    I feel people will have to wake up big time very soon as they will get a glimpse of the REAL world and not the illusionary one created for mankind..

    For myself I am withdrawing more and more into my inner self of thought and peace to swim in my own creations .. Finding Peace and Balance in nature and in my arts and crafts..

    Humanity is about to get its own wake up call, and I have now come to the conclusion that we all have set paths we must follow.. And while we keep trying to alert others to wake up and change themselves..
    We cannot make them see, they have to see it and find the truth for themselves..

    And your right.. I feel for my granddaughter aged seven.. And ponder long and hard to what kind of future is awaiting them..
    But I also believe that nothing is cast in stone.. So if… IF enough DO wake up, and begin to see and alter their ways and start to respect each other and our environment, then there is hope.. A glimmer of light..
    All it takes is a spark to ignite a raging fire…
    I hope those sparks soon catch ‘Light’

    Love and Blessings
    Hope you continue to heal my friend..
    Sue ❤


  2. VK, to encourage you … I had an experience the last time I was at Reinstein Park that blew me right out of the water. Every single interaction with people that I had, was seeped with LOVE. Two small children just delighted to be with me as their Dad allowed me to be. Dad himself was eager to speak to me as well, open and Loving! Two young men “in Love” radiated so much Love that it made my knees weak. I looked at them, spoke to them briefly and said to myself, “No judgment here. These two could teach SO many what Love is!”. Two younger women, friends, eager to speak with me and smiling with appreciation at our interaction. An older couple smiled at me and exchanged small talk, with such Peace radiating from them. Every single one of these people was open, and willing to make sure they exchanged words with me. By the time I left that park, my feet barely touched the ground. SO …. Love is making a resounding come-back! BIG HUGS and I hope you get well soon!!! 😘😘😘

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    • Thanks AR….I remember reading your post about that journey. I think in those moments we are wide open and functioning on all cylinders…Fun to encounter and be a part of. Stay in the moment friend and know I’m sending hugs your way…VK ❤

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    • Hi there my friend! Good to see you and so glad things must still be going okay for you. Thanks for your caring 🙂 Winter soon approaches here as the temps dip low and I always smile and think about spring beaming it’s way back you…Enjoy the return of warmth….Take care Kate…VK ❤


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