Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

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I spent all yesterday in a major funk, depressed and angry, but what I felt most was utter sadness at where this country has gone. It is like being in a nightmare you can’t get out of and it’s like the Groundhog movie as well, as injustice continues to be repeated day after day. It is disgusting on every level. I am so filled with shame that humanity has fallen yet again down into the depths of filth, depravity and immorality. I guess we do never learn as is so often said about us. It is stunning to witness and I feel deep within as well as all around me, the end is coming. People are beyond exhausted, they are downright angry and willing to act on that anger. That is what is getting to be so scary. People’s minds are exploding from the insane thinking taking place or maybe I should say the lack of thinking taking place. People are not engaged in reality, they themselves are not thinking things through, they are following the demented herd of idiots fighting to possess power at all costs despite whose lives they destroy! This is what our country has come to. No respect, no gratitude, no caring for others…It’s dog eat dog irregardless of what it is doing to our country as a whole.

I cannot even write here at the blog anymore. The world has careened so far off course I have no words left to share with anyone and people are so divided that probably nobody reads or listens to my words anyway.  America is NOT the land of the free, we can’t even speak without being accosted by whacko lefties putting on a grand show. If we speak incorrectly we are driven off of websites and social media. If we appear threatening in any manner to these people we are taken down and destroyed just like you witnessed with Judge Kavanaugh. So disgraceful. So depressing to sadly realize we are not raising our consciousness, we are not improving ourselves, we are not evolving to the next level, we are screaming backwards down hill to our demise.

I truly do not know what to say anymore. My head aches, my body aches and my heart aches with disappointment. Will I come out of this? Of course I will but I am willing to share my sentiments with you all because I know damn well there are others out there feeling very much what I am feeling as well. I know I am not alone, most others just don’t dare speak their mind. That is tragic!  All I can say is something better give soon or else. Stay close to nature where peace resides and have a good weekend. I think about you all often, I just don’t have the words needed to write anymore…

Blessings to all,



9 thoughts on “Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

  1. Hey, VK… Long time no seen !
    I hear you brother, I myself try not to look too much at the state of the world around me, for fear of falling into despair again, but rather concentrate on my little life, taking care of my family, trying to making the best choices for all that is, but at my own level. I cannot save the world, the last few years have taught me that. So I go along my path, helping when I can, and the smiles I create on other’s faces give me enough strength to go one step further. When I look at the world around, the little voice inside tells me that all is as it should, according to the greater scheme… although I cannot understand it. And at the same time I am being reminded that hapiness is not something to pursue, it is already here within, waiting for a space to flourish, just as the greater part of us.
    Happy to see you’re still writing my friend, don’t stop shining your light in your own way !

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    • Well…Well….Look who popped in! I couldn’t agree with you more Tiamssai. These times are highly challenging on so many levels. Sadly so many people are stuck struggling in survival mode they are unable to notice or grasp the bigger picture of their being a part of raising humanity up into the light, to better ourselves and find strength in that challenge. To find joy in wishing to be more and the journey to get there…So we stay in our worlds and make them the best they can be! Eventually the rest of the world will catch on I hope and we can move forward as one….Be well friend. Good to see you! VK 🙂


  2. Good seeing you Jamie and thanks for your kind words! I agree with you for sure. I find I am just retreating more and more to avoid the insanity at the same time I feel a major change getting ready to happen and for the better…We are in the final stages of birthing ourselves and boy has it been a struggle…It will be worth it! Thanks again and keep writing Jamie….Your words always inspire! VK ❤


  3. It can definitely feel overwhelming at times, though I’m sure there are people who read and appreciate your blog even if they’re mostly ‘lurkers’ who read and disappear without leaving a calling card (a ‘like’) or comment. It seems to me that people are assailed by extremists from both ‘sides’, left and right (and whatever affinities people have); it can be shocking to read the comment threads on some posts, so filled with the troll-venom that it really is a shock, but the comments show that’s it’s not just one side or the other, for sure. I’ve been writing (or at least blogging) less, too, in the last month or so, though it seems that something is percolating and for the moment observe, listen, sense is more the flow of the day. Your sense? Thanks for sharing your voice and perspective and experience here, VisionKeeper!

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  4. BIG HUGS and many Blessings to you, VK. Please do not look to this immoral insane world anymore. Make your own life for you filled with peace and with joy. Pull way back or you will get even sicker. Please, dear friend. See the LOVE that is so near you and keep on seeing that. By keeping in the Love Vibration YOU are fighting the darkness in this world. THAT is a top secret that I pass on to you! 💝💝💝

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    • Thanks secret agent AR…..I’ll keep the top secret info close to the vest! It seems we all flow with wherever the energy is taking us…some interact with it more than others for whatever reasons. We always do things for a reason. I try to stay on the outskirts of insanity but keeping a close eye on what is coming down at the same time.It’s a real balancing act. Sometimes the circumstances get to be too much, but thankfully I bounce back. Thanks for your concern and caring! Always appreciated my friend. Hope things are going well for you and the woods are being kind 🙂 Hugs and love to you and to the babies….VK ❤

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