It’s Time To Heal…

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It’s quite stunning to take note of all the wild emotions flying around in the cosmos as of late. Well actually for quite a while now. Sometimes it’s hard to deflect the negative energy, it keeps coming at us so quickly and non-stop.  I am the kind of person who is curious and always questioning, and so it stands to reason I would keep trying to figure out what exactly is going on. The more we understand the more we are able to adapt and deal with the outside energies so often inflicting mortal injury to our inside energies. So I have been watching and searching for answers. This is what I come away with, for now anyway. I truly believe the world is suffering massively from betrayal. The people of the world have been betrayed egregiously by their governments and leaders on so many levels. Sadly betrayal eventually leads to an erosion of trust and when we no longer have trust in life, we pull away from one another as our way of trying to protect ourselves and heal our wounds, but it further causes division instead of bringing us together.

Betrayal is an extremely devastating emotion to deal with. It has many layers and seems to spread through everything infecting our psyches. It is an emotion which in many cases causes one to shut down their heart for protection thereby  rendering themselves unable to give of themselves or even to themselves. It is critical to be able to feel  trust for life and I think far too many people around the world have lost their ability to trust. People have been lied to forever now, so trust has been systematically torn apart and the world is displaying this sad fact by acting out what it is feeling. Nobody believes anybody, nobody trusts anybody, nobody respects anybody. But things do not have to remain this way.

It is time we all accept that we have been betrayed and face the truth. Once we begin to face the truth and look deeper for it in the life going on around us, we can begin to heal and finally make things right. Truth really does set you free. We have to heal our wounds if we are to regain trust and begin to open up our closed hearts again. The longer we remain closed off in our own little protective worlds the further apart we grow. Watching all of this happen is so painful because we are SO MUCH more than who we are being right now. Begin to take small steps to trust again, first one person then slowly add another. Humanity has been led astray, but we are strong and it is time to come together, rebuild trust and encourage our hearts to open up to life once again. We can do this if we take the time and make the effort to heal our wounds. Being kind to one another is a great first step!

Blessings to all,


Redirecting Our Intention…

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I haven’t written much lately as the world seems so upside down I don’t even know what to think anymore, everything just seems so crazy, and not in a good way. If the old saying “As within so with out, as above, so below” truly means what it says, then we as a society are in a world of hurt. It is time we disengage from what is going on and begin to create a better reality in which to reside. Stop waiting for corrupt politicians to change things and change things for yourself! It is so frustrating to witness all of the hatred and aggression going on because I know deep down this is not who we are. We are being shown our ugly side, at the same time we are being asked is this truly what we want? This chaotic time is viewed by many as evil and awful and yet if we look deeper into what is going on we see we are being offered the chance to create new and more powerful possibilities by showing us what is NOT working for us. The choice is ours, to follow along the path of disharmony or step back and begin creating a new reality for ourselves.

There is so much manufactured fear and  anxiety being thrown in our faces,  at the same time we are being distracted in the hopes of keeping us in that state of mind. That can only happen if we let it! There is so much good in the world for the taking, but we can’t seem to find our way there. Disconnect from the constant drumbeat of insanity being played out 24/7 in the media and on social media. Wake up every morning and first thing thank creator for the fact you are still breathing, then make a conscious effort throughout the day to notice all the good we tend to overlook. There is so much to be thankful for and yet we spend our time worrying about things out of our control. Start putting that wasted energy into making your own life better, concentrate on what is right NOT what is wrong in your world. To worry about what we see as wrong traps us there in that reality and we spiral down into hopelessness.

This constant drumbeat of chaos being whipped up daily is a distraction to keep us down and afraid. Don’t go there! Spend your energy instead on what is right in the world. Make your world worthy of enjoying by changing your perspective on life, it does not have to be a negative one. Being positive, helping others, reaching out, sharing, giving, and caring are all there for us to feel and display to the world around us. Once you begin to live your life from this new perspective, reality changes and life takes on new meaning. You feel good inside about yourself and that radiates out to those around you.

We have become a nation of takers when in actuality we were created to be a nation of givers.  The only way we are ever going to overcome the sad situation we find ourselves in today will be when we change OUR own personal reality first, then share that reality with those around us. We are being programmed and not in a good way! Recognize this and step back from it, we are good and loving in our core beings, so offer that to the world, not hatred and anger.We must stop following the herd and find the courage to take a detour away from the others and think for ourselves. We are at the pinnacle of the crossroads we find ourselves at, we are being asked to shift our thinking away from the old and build on the new, now! Are we going to allow this amazing opportunity to pass us by or are we going to embrace it and at last begin to venture out into the unknown with TRUST that what lies ahead is better than where we are now? Move forward! A new world awaits us.

Blessings to us all,

Visionkeeper ❤

Full Moon Alert !

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This upcoming full moon sure is bright already! It’s like having a street light outside my window at night. No need for a flash light! Lots of strange energies spiraling about these days. It sounds like we have some work to do with this full moon, then again don’t we always, being as how we are a work in progress. Embrace the full moon energies and engage in all the possibilities that are there for the taking if we just choose to view life from an uplifting perspective. Enjoy! Here is the article.

For Those Who May Be Struggling….

Hey Everyone…I wanted to just leave off this link as I think this woman was very  smart and dedicated to healing herself by learning the truth about her addiction to her Smart Phone despite how difficult her life would become momentarily…If you are one of millions of people who are hopefully finally realizing that their I Phones, Smart Phones, I Pads etc. are holding them hostage and altering how they think and you want to free yourself and start thinking for yourself again, then read this book!

I feel blessed I don’t have to deal with this problem as I have never purchased this kind of technology just because I didn’t want to become a slave to it. If however you have become a slave to your phone and want to be free, Jedidiah Bila is sharing her journey in her new book geared towards explaining how she stopped her obsession and returned to a life of free thinking and peace at long last. If you are struggling, get her book, follow her steps and return to a normal life again. There is life after technology, you just have to be willing to break its spell on you. Good luck!

Blessings to all,


It’s Time To Free Ourselves…

I continually hear people saying the Kavanaugh hearings have had a devastating effect on our country. Constantly it is ‘suggested’ or ‘offered’ to us via the news, that what lies ahead of us will be our undoing, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to us. It most certainly is one of our more disgraceful moments we have found ourselves in on this incredible journey towards being fully human. Just because we have our physical body, an active mind and a voice to express ourselves doesn’t mean we are completed human beings. We have a soul/spirit side too, who we are as well. It is the energy system that drives our body vehicles along through life and yet we seem to forget this fact.  Yes, we have a rough road ahead to go down, but rather than viewing what has happened as disaster, why can we not look at it as a thankful awakening and a major learning curve gifted us to grow from? Without these devastating moments that rile us to our cores we would remain stagnant and never feel the thrill of the challenge to become fully human.

Difficult times, while often painful, sometimes violent in nature, and sometimes soul crushing, are indeed gifts despite the anguish they inflict upon us in the moment. Think of them as presents where the painful happening we are experiencing is the wrapping paper and bright ribbon while inside the box lies a  chance awakening if we are open to it. It gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves so we can learn and grow from this life changing moment. The one question we must never stop asking ourselves in these traumatic times is ” What am I supposed to learn from this?” This is how we humans grow and expand our consciousness to higher levels. If we never face challenge then we stand still.

Without the Kavanaugh hearings we would not be having all of the discussions and arguments pertaining to the core issues of what makes us who we are. What we see as our reality around us is nothing more than a reflection of what we are feeling on the inside. If we are witnessing chaos and violence and anger and evil then we must be feeling these things inside of us and if we are, then we are being shown the very areas in which we as humans must grow beyond and leave behind. We humans are so much better than what we seem to be displaying to one another right now. If we don’t like what we are seeing, then it is our job to make sure WE are not doing the very thing we say we don’t like.

I will once again suggest a small but powerful book to read as it explains so well the core principles we must live by if we wish to become fully human. We have tossed these principles aside and chaos has come about as a result. For anyone who hasn’t read the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, buy a copy and spend a quiet day contemplating it. It will probably change your life as it has for so many other people, if you apply these four agreements to your life. Things can’t get much worse than they are right now, so why not be open to making your life better? It is time to end the disrespect towards one another, it is time to end our judgment of one another, it is time to end the violent rhetoric and physical aggression. It is time to grab hold of this opportunity to expand ourselves and become the best that we can be. It is time we finally discover what truly matters in life and it isn’t money and power!

Blessings to all,