It’s Time To Free Ourselves…

I continually hear people saying the Kavanaugh hearings have had a devastating effect on our country. Constantly it is ‘suggested’ or ‘offered’ to us via the news, that what lies ahead of us will be our undoing, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to us. It most certainly is one of our more disgraceful moments we have found ourselves in on this incredible journey towards being fully human. Just because we have our physical body, an active mind and a voice to express ourselves doesn’t mean we are completed human beings. We have a soul/spirit side too, who we are as well. It is the energy system that drives our body vehicles along through life and yet we seem to forget this fact.  Yes, we have a rough road ahead to go down, but rather than viewing what has happened as disaster, why can we not look at it as a thankful awakening and a major learning curve gifted us to grow from? Without these devastating moments that rile us to our cores we would remain stagnant and never feel the thrill of the challenge to become fully human.

Difficult times, while often painful, sometimes violent in nature, and sometimes soul crushing, are indeed gifts despite the anguish they inflict upon us in the moment. Think of them as presents where the painful happening we are experiencing is the wrapping paper and bright ribbon while inside the box lies a  chance awakening if we are open to it. It gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves so we can learn and grow from this life changing moment. The one question we must never stop asking ourselves in these traumatic times is ” What am I supposed to learn from this?” This is how we humans grow and expand our consciousness to higher levels. If we never face challenge then we stand still.

Without the Kavanaugh hearings we would not be having all of the discussions and arguments pertaining to the core issues of what makes us who we are. What we see as our reality around us is nothing more than a reflection of what we are feeling on the inside. If we are witnessing chaos and violence and anger and evil then we must be feeling these things inside of us and if we are, then we are being shown the very areas in which we as humans must grow beyond and leave behind. We humans are so much better than what we seem to be displaying to one another right now. If we don’t like what we are seeing, then it is our job to make sure WE are not doing the very thing we say we don’t like.

I will once again suggest a small but powerful book to read as it explains so well the core principles we must live by if we wish to become fully human. We have tossed these principles aside and chaos has come about as a result. For anyone who hasn’t read the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, buy a copy and spend a quiet day contemplating it. It will probably change your life as it has for so many other people, if you apply these four agreements to your life. Things can’t get much worse than they are right now, so why not be open to making your life better? It is time to end the disrespect towards one another, it is time to end our judgment of one another, it is time to end the violent rhetoric and physical aggression. It is time to grab hold of this opportunity to expand ourselves and become the best that we can be. It is time we finally discover what truly matters in life and it isn’t money and power!

Blessings to all,