For Those Who May Be Struggling….

Hey Everyone…I wanted to just leave off this link as I think this woman was very¬† smart and dedicated to healing herself by learning the truth about her addiction to her Smart Phone despite how difficult her life would become momentarily…If you are one of millions of people who are hopefully finally realizing that their I Phones, Smart Phones, I Pads etc. are holding them hostage and altering how they think and you want to free yourself and start thinking for yourself again, then read this book!

I feel blessed I don’t have to deal with this problem as I have never purchased this kind of technology just because I didn’t want to become a slave to it. If however you have become a slave to your phone and want to be free, Jedidiah Bila is sharing her journey in her new book geared towards explaining how she stopped her obsession and returned to a life of free thinking and peace at long last. If you are struggling, get her book, follow her steps and return to a normal life again. There is life after technology, you just have to be willing to break its spell on you. Good luck!

Blessings to all,