For Those Who May Be Struggling….

Hey Everyone…I wanted to just leave off this link as I think this woman was very  smart and dedicated to healing herself by learning the truth about her addiction to her Smart Phone despite how difficult her life would become momentarily…If you are one of millions of people who are hopefully finally realizing that their I Phones, Smart Phones, I Pads etc. are holding them hostage and altering how they think and you want to free yourself and start thinking for yourself again, then read this book!

I feel blessed I don’t have to deal with this problem as I have never purchased this kind of technology just because I didn’t want to become a slave to it. If however you have become a slave to your phone and want to be free, Jedidiah Bila is sharing her journey in her new book geared towards explaining how she stopped her obsession and returned to a life of free thinking and peace at long last. If you are struggling, get her book, follow her steps and return to a normal life again. There is life after technology, you just have to be willing to break its spell on you. Good luck!

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11 thoughts on “For Those Who May Be Struggling….

  1. Wow!!! Good for this woman! I actually left my cellphone home yesterday when I went to the park with hubby. I never make calls on it, only using it for texting (family and friends), using the camera, and actually using it for WP. That, VK, is even too much. There have been many times I am tempted to throw the thing out. If I wasn’t a photographer and wasn’t so busy with cats, I would really do it. You have no idea how convenient it is when I am flying doing my “thing” as I use google speech to answer comments. This comment I am actually sitting down and typing …. the way I actually prefer to answer comments. Yet … life is so busy for me ….

    One day my brother who lives out of state called me on my cell. Within minutes, and I’m saying minutes, even though I was on speaker, my voice became very hoarse. At first I was puzzled, and asking, what in the world? Then I “knew” it was the cellphone. I am just so sensitive that the waves hit my throat, (NOT cool)! That is the LAST TIME I will ever talk on a cellphone. If one of my family calls, I will text them telling them I am calling on my landline. People who use their cells all the time to make calls have absolutely NO idea the damage they are doing to themselves.

    Another story about cellphones. Hubby USED TO (no longer does) have his flip top (old cell) in his pants pocket. He began to notice a rash on his thigh exactly where the cellphone rested on his leg. He connected the dots and no longer has his cellphone in his pocket. The rash is now gone. Unreal!

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    • Hey there AR….For a very long time I would talk about, write about, read about etc. the dangers of cell phones. My friends kid me about being a dinosaur and not joining in with the world by cellphones, ipods etc. I have never been drawn to want any of it. Especially insane things like Alexa etc~! I feel very blessed that somehow I just ‘knew’ to stay away from certain things, even stuff like Pharmaceutical drugs, regular food vs organic etc. As a matter of fact I have one core rule I live my life by: If the Govt or corps highlight the benefits of something or cry danger about other things, I do the opposite of what they are calling for! I learned very early on that we are living a lie of just about everything we call life and sadly I learned that our Govt does NOT have our best interest at heart. Just look at everything going on today. Nothing going on today is about what the people want, it’s all about what THEY want! It’s always been this way, it just took us a while to catch on. Now we have and Washington be damned. If I had the money I would live totally off the grid and away from all of this sick, warped melodrama going on.
      Oops…Sorry, got off subject there and carried away. Cellphones are injuring humans and nature and wildlife alike. It’s not just the effects of the microwave damage and the cell phone tower damage, if one just observes society right now they will see a society completely controlled by cellphone use, people are no longer thinking for themselves, writing complete sentences etc. It’s nuts but we think we must label it progress. Really? What are we progressing towards? Our downfall?
      Okay enough. Glad Hubby figured out about his phone and rash! Eventually more people will connect the dots. Thats half our problem today, more than half! We don’t search for our own answers because we don’t ask questions! I am so glad I was born curious and research is my middle name. I wish people could see what is happening to them but they are distracted and brainwashed by very biased and dishonest media….Time to disconnect from it all AR…Replug ourselves back into the earth 🙂 Hugs…VK ❤

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      • I’ll tell you something else too, VK. There are days I cannot go near my cellphone or my laptop because the “energy” hurts. I feel so much better when I am away from them and I can also see so much better too. Notice I have not been blogging as much as I used to. That is one of the reasons why. I can no longer tolerate the energy. IT HURTS!

        Hubby was just talking about hardwiring everything in this house so there is no more wireless. It’s so hard to get away from this garbage because it is around us. The FOREST is where I go to heal this mind/body and I need to go more often lately.

        ALL you have said here I couldn’t agree more with. I KNOW. I really do. People are no longer like people …. and thinking outside of the box???? They cannot even think period.

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    • I know it hurts….I can relate to that. Just wait until 5G hits your area…They are in a mad rush to get it out everywhere before the bad news comes out just like with GMO’s..That way they can’t put the genie back in the bottle…Evil…Here is a link to it you can read. It’s awful and it’s already going up all over the place… I don’t have wifi in my home. I had them take it out and I just learned to be tethered to my computer rather than moving around room to room. No way I would have it in my home. Tell hubby to go for it! It’s well worth the inconvenience…Getting sick is even more inconvenient!!! Hang in there AR…Tough times ahead for a while. Take note as well, astrologically the 23-24 are going to be intense to say the least so be prepared!!!! VK ❤


      • I have yet to read the link but as I was vacuuming I just wanted to let you know we in this house do not eat GMO foods. Our bodies were not meant to eat GMO foods. And anytime in the past I have eaten GMO foods, as well as hubby, as well as these cats, we got sick. It’s all organic or nothing in this house!

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    • I always say doing ones best begins with making sure our minds are open and looking for answers. Someone can eat only organic, live in a toxic free home etc. but if they are not open to learning all about the world around them then they are wasting their time. Yes our bodies need to be toxic free if possible but just as important our minds have to be open! And alert and aware and curious….Glad hubby is looking up wiring! Good for him…Stay healthy AR and lay low the next couple of days and regenerate. A lot is going to happen soon and we all need to be ready….VK ❤
      BTW….I was not talking about you, just making comments….I know you are trying to do all you can and that is great!

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  3. Wonderful share VK.. and I have seen first hand how these devices hold them hostage. And yes alter their mindsets..
    Goodness knows only what 5G is going to do to microwave peoples brains..
    Many thanks for sharing.. And sending much love your way my friend.. ❤

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    • Hey DW….I have no idea what 5G will do. Quite frankly I even wonder who is really telling the truth? I assume 5G is terrible for us but are we also being coaxed to believe the worst to create fear? I don’t know who to completely believe anymore. Lies so permeate this world right now….It does worry me though. I hope this book can help some people break free. I can’t imagine having this addiction. How awful that must be to break. So many people are physically connected to their phones at all times. Their poor brains must be saturated with illusions…The human race has been captured and imprisoned so we can be manipulated and distracted beyond caring and look where we are now…Amazing times to be here. Hold your light high my friend…Big Hugs…VK ❤

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      • I doubt people understand what all of these electronic devices are doing to us.. I am sure the Wifi’s too are not doing our energy bodies any good.. And I had a horrible beginnings of a migraine yesterday but it didn’t develop into the bad head pain..
        I just had the blurred vision and zig-zag lines that often would precede an attack.. They lasted almost an hour.. And if you have experience what I mean, you still see the zig-zag flashes when your eyes are closed..
        I had been knitting and finishing my cardigan so maybe the concentration! etc.. But the energies have been off the wall lately with downloads and high pitch hissing in my ears.. I was telling Barbara Franklin a blogger, that I had been itching from head to toe too.. She had similar symptoms..
        Many thinks are lining up right now VK.. My inner ME is prickling as my senses are telling me just to stay in balance and not react to what is unfolding..
        But as to what that is as yet.. I have no clue.. Just know we have to hold our Light High as you say my friend, and hold no fear.. And Know all is unfolding as it should and its preordained to take the course its meant to..
        So take care VK.. MUCH love returned.. ❤
        Sue ❤


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