Full Moon Alert !

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This upcoming full moon sure is bright already! It’s like having a street light outside my window at night. No need for a flash light! Lots of strange energies spiraling about these days. It sounds like we have some work to do with this full moon, then again don’t we always, being as how we are a work in progress. Embrace the full moon energies and engage in all the possibilities that are there for the taking if we just choose to view life from an uplifting perspective. Enjoy! Here is the article.

11 thoughts on “Full Moon Alert !

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  2. VK, tomorrow I SHOULD be posting two pictures of the Full Moon I took the day after the Full Moon, on Thursday. It was too cloudy here to do it on Weds. Comments will be closed but I would have loved to keep them open. Just too much going on here. Please do enjoy. I know I told you I would try and I did … for you. XOXO

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  3. It seems hold on to our hats time has come. I may just attempt to photograph this moon. I have the attachment on my long lens so I am all set for my tripod. I just have to change a filter and get my remote shutter release out. THANK YOU for this report, VK!!

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    • Can’t wait AR !!! This is an important moon considering what is going on and where we are headed and what will become of all the turmoil. It;s OUR time to get our own lives in order and eventually the world will get itself in order when enough positive energy comes together…So take that picture that will stand as our symbol of evolving into the best we can be….Good luck! Have a good weekend if you can with this damn nor easter coming! Maybe you’ll be spared over there but it looks like maybe some snow flakes for us and of course cold and wind. I keep say loudly, “What happened to Autumn”? Hugs…VK ❤

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      • I just spoke to someone who works at one of the parks I frequent, asking if she thought there might still be a peak in the foliage. Her answer …. she really didn’t know for this Fall has just been so odd. Most of our trees are still green, VK. Still!! Today finds heavy cloud cover …. let’s hope tomorrow the skies will clear so that I can photograph the Moon! XOXO

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    • We have green here too but the fall colors we did get were washed out by rain and the leaves were brought down so we look quite dead in some respects but green in others but not much fall…We got gypped out of spring, summer and now fall. I hate to think what they will do with winter! I’m awaiting the nor easter this weekend. Oh joy. Take care…VK ❤

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