Redirecting Our Intention…

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I haven’t written much lately as the world seems so upside down I don’t even know what to think anymore, everything just seems so crazy, and not in a good way. If the old saying “As within so with out, as above, so below” truly means what it says, then we as a society are in a world of hurt. It is time we disengage from what is going on and begin to create a better reality in which to reside. Stop waiting for corrupt politicians to change things and change things for yourself! It is so frustrating to witness all of the hatred and aggression going on because I know deep down this is not who we are. We are being shown our ugly side, at the same time we are being asked is this truly what we want? This chaotic time is viewed by many as evil and awful and yet if we look deeper into what is going on we see we are being offered the chance to create new and more powerful possibilities by showing us what is NOT working for us. The choice is ours, to follow along the path of disharmony or step back and begin creating a new reality for ourselves.

There is so much manufactured fear and  anxiety being thrown in our faces,  at the same time we are being distracted in the hopes of keeping us in that state of mind. That can only happen if we let it! There is so much good in the world for the taking, but we can’t seem to find our way there. Disconnect from the constant drumbeat of insanity being played out 24/7 in the media and on social media. Wake up every morning and first thing thank creator for the fact you are still breathing, then make a conscious effort throughout the day to notice all the good we tend to overlook. There is so much to be thankful for and yet we spend our time worrying about things out of our control. Start putting that wasted energy into making your own life better, concentrate on what is right NOT what is wrong in your world. To worry about what we see as wrong traps us there in that reality and we spiral down into hopelessness.

This constant drumbeat of chaos being whipped up daily is a distraction to keep us down and afraid. Don’t go there! Spend your energy instead on what is right in the world. Make your world worthy of enjoying by changing your perspective on life, it does not have to be a negative one. Being positive, helping others, reaching out, sharing, giving, and caring are all there for us to feel and display to the world around us. Once you begin to live your life from this new perspective, reality changes and life takes on new meaning. You feel good inside about yourself and that radiates out to those around you.

We have become a nation of takers when in actuality we were created to be a nation of givers.  The only way we are ever going to overcome the sad situation we find ourselves in today will be when we change OUR own personal reality first, then share that reality with those around us. We are being programmed and not in a good way! Recognize this and step back from it, we are good and loving in our core beings, so offer that to the world, not hatred and anger.We must stop following the herd and find the courage to take a detour away from the others and think for ourselves. We are at the pinnacle of the crossroads we find ourselves at, we are being asked to shift our thinking away from the old and build on the new, now! Are we going to allow this amazing opportunity to pass us by or are we going to embrace it and at last begin to venture out into the unknown with TRUST that what lies ahead is better than where we are now? Move forward! A new world awaits us.

Blessings to us all,

Visionkeeper ❤