It’s Time To Heal…

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It’s quite stunning to take note of all the wild emotions flying around in the cosmos as of late. Well actually for quite a while now. Sometimes it’s hard to deflect the negative energy, it keeps coming at us so quickly and non-stop.  I am the kind of person who is curious and always questioning, and so it stands to reason I would keep trying to figure out what exactly is going on. The more we understand the more we are able to adapt and deal with the outside energies so often inflicting mortal injury to our inside energies. So I have been watching and searching for answers. This is what I come away with, for now anyway. I truly believe the world is suffering massively from betrayal. The people of the world have been betrayed egregiously by their governments and leaders on so many levels. Sadly betrayal eventually leads to an erosion of trust and when we no longer have trust in life, we pull away from one another as our way of trying to protect ourselves and heal our wounds, but it further causes division instead of bringing us together.

Betrayal is an extremely devastating emotion to deal with. It has many layers and seems to spread through everything infecting our psyches. It is an emotion which in many cases causes one to shut down their heart for protection thereby  rendering themselves unable to give of themselves or even to themselves. It is critical to be able to feel  trust for life and I think far too many people around the world have lost their ability to trust. People have been lied to forever now, so trust has been systematically torn apart and the world is displaying this sad fact by acting out what it is feeling. Nobody believes anybody, nobody trusts anybody, nobody respects anybody. But things do not have to remain this way.

It is time we all accept that we have been betrayed and face the truth. Once we begin to face the truth and look deeper for it in the life going on around us, we can begin to heal and finally make things right. Truth really does set you free. We have to heal our wounds if we are to regain trust and begin to open up our closed hearts again. The longer we remain closed off in our own little protective worlds the further apart we grow. Watching all of this happen is so painful because we are SO MUCH more than who we are being right now. Begin to take small steps to trust again, first one person then slowly add another. Humanity has been led astray, but we are strong and it is time to come together, rebuild trust and encourage our hearts to open up to life once again. We can do this if we take the time and make the effort to heal our wounds. Being kind to one another is a great first step!

Blessings to all,