There Is Hope Outside The Box….


I’ve always said that the way we are going to get ahead and expand our consciousness as a society will be by thinking outside the box! That is what this time in our evolutionary process is all about, thinking beyond where we have remained stuck for so long. Obviously this gentleman can see we need to free ourselves from the control that has been holding us back. I’m so glad this guy has recognized the need for free thinking! Here is the story. Enjoy!

On Display….

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Well finally it appears we are close to the end of a very long and rather disgusting display of anger and lack of morality during the Kavanaugh hearing. Sadly I am sure it is not completely over, just this stage of the insanity. So was it all worth it? Many screamed the end of America and yet as I look at this situation I have to think it may well be the beginning of the end for lies and deceit. The people are sick to death of watching and listening to both. Just as in birth, there is a painful crescendo just before new life enters this world and then the reward is overwhelming. This grotesque display of anger and deceit has opened up Pandora’s box of truths and finally we may be grasping the true value of truth given all we have witnessed.

We are at that pivotal moment in our evolution where we must decide who we REALLY are and what we stand for. Dishonesty equals chaos and truth equals calm. Who do we wish to be as a society? One of truth and morality and gratitude for all we have been given, or do we continue to engage in dishonesty to get what we want leaving behind chaos for those behind us to become lost in? I for one choose truth and high morals and gratitude for life that for so many seem to get forgotten and stepped upon in our rush to the top. I urge all to use these tumultuous times as our personal inspiration to become more as individuals and help the world as a whole to rise up and embrace a new way of thinking and being.

Happy weekend to all,

Visionkeeper ❤