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To many, the world seems as if it has fallen apart, turned itself inside out and upside down. How we once were is no longer how we are now, we are morphing into the unknown. So how can we regain our balance and strengthen our foundations in these very troubled times? We need to be grounding and finding ways to come together as a whole at long last.

Humanity desperately needs to rediscover its touch stones that feed our human desire to live a life of deeper meaning. The era of opulence and materialism we recently danced through was often captivating and exciting, yet we still continued to hunger for more, our lives were not replete. As we continued to stumble along in search of that life of ‘More’, we took a detour out of materialism into the era of Technology. We still find ourselves immersed in it ,held captive by it, because so much of the modern-day world depends upon Technology to function.

Technology has become a soul snatcher in so many ways.It has forced serious addictions upon innocent people, in many cases it has taken over thinking for us as our brains begin to wither from inactivity. Our entire reality is being dictated by what we are told or led to believe through the media rather than knowing and sensing through our guts. We no longer seem to require one on one, face to face interactions with others for they are but a few taps away on social media. We have been sucked into a slow and subtle disconnection from life, we have been lured into the center of the spider web and captured.

It often feels like we are living on hyper autopilot, our feet no longer touch the ground. We are suspended between two paradigms searching for a safe place to land. Given today’s climate, that is not an easy thing to find. Sometimes I wonder if we are even truly aware that we are alive anymore. So much of our existence is taken for granted thus allowing us to disconnect and sleepwalk our way through daily life. The major trouble with disconnection is that eventually it breeds discontent within. Before all of this upset with our lives erupted, we just hungered for ‘More’ so we kept on going and searching for answers, now we’ve abandoned the search, cast aside our morals and have taken on an almost robotic way of living, not seeming to care where we are headed or why. Who are we becoming? Is this good for us?

In many of my past posts I have talked about how in order to get back on track and reconnect with ourselves we must go within. So what does that really mean and how do we do that? First and foremost we must face our own issues and put them to bed and exclude them from our lives going forward. What good are? How have they improved anything? Why continue to drag around baggage that slows us down and hampers our ability to become who we really want to be? Technology has allowed us the perfect escape from ourselves and our problems for a while, but over time our baggage accumulates like heaps of garbage that we cannot ignore forever because the smell of rotten decay becomes so strong.

Take time to look within, deeply, not just at the surface. Find your issues and name them so you can claim them then begin to sweep away each issue one small step at a time to prevent overwhelm. Be kind to yourself as you undertake this task, praise yourself as you succeed and move forward, for the courage and effort you have made to listen to what your soul truly wants and needs and for recreating your life accordingly. As with everything in life, whatever we take away and eliminate we must fill the void left behind or else the old issues will return and slip back into place. This is why touch stones are so important , they guide us and define our lives so we feel secure and safe. These stones make up our foundations and give us strength and direction. If we follow them we are able to successfully float down stream rather than having to struggle to swim upstream against the currents. So what are touch stones?  Here are a few to consider.

Touch Stones for reconnection to self:

Let go of needing to be in control

Let go of self-doubt

Stop seeing productivity as self-worth!

Let go of scarcity and fear

Stop comparing yourself. You are unique!

Let go of needing to be right

Stop numbing out feeling

Have trust and faith in the universe

Put down the cell phone and pay attention to what is around you!


Touchstones for how to be in the world:

Always be truthful

Offer your assistance where it is needed

Respect all others

Never be judgmental

Be inspiring to yourself and to others

Be loving with your actions and your words

Be kind and gentle to others

Stand up for what you believe

Realize we all just want to be loved and accepted

Much love to all,


A Life Of Thanks….

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While I always feel thankful when Thanksgiving rolls around, I have to wonder, can we not all be thankful every day regardless of what is going on? It just takes being mindful and observant and willing to challenge ourselves to be more than we are being. How giving are we? How thoughtful are we? How willing are we to reach out to others? Are we willing to be responsible for ourselves and our actions and are we willing to admit when we are wrong? To be mindful of what we do and say each day and be thankful for that day, then we ‘live’ a life of thanks.  May each of you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving and feel peace within…Happy day of gratitude to all….VK ❤

Full Moon

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Sun in Sagittarius ~ Moon in Gemini 0º52’

Thurs., Nov 22, 10:40 PM Mountain Standard Time

(Friday, Nov 23, 5:40 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

The Sun makes its yearly shift into Sagittarius and hours later the Moon shifts into Gemini and opposition to the Sun.  At 0º Gemini the Moon is full and ripe with potential, a seed point.  This cycle comes into fullness with the energy of an inspired new beginning.  With Gemini/Sag we are able to consider not only information, detail and all mental input, but we are also able to hold the big picture vision we all need as we pass through this time of tremendous transformation.  So, now is the time to dream your dream and engage and perfect your ability to hold your vision of the future while taking care of the details of life.

The Sun is blessed with Jupiter so close by and Mercury tagging along all in Sagittarius.  Through Jupiter’s eyes everything seems bigger, brighter, more energized, more possible.  We’re eager for adventure, bringing in the new, moving forward, exploring new realms, and keeping our options open.  We are hopeful-a time to shoot our arrows to the far horizon and dream a new dream.  Just be aware of Jupiter’s tendency to get over zealous, excessive, distracted or dogmatic by the glorious vision that they see to the detriment of the here and now.  With Mars in a stressful square to the Sun and the Moon, we are primed for excessive behavior and over indulgence.

The Moon Full in Gemini is a time to shake up the mental realms:  the mind, your perceptions, how you think and speak, how you teach and learn, and why you believe what you believe.  Step outside your gerbil trail and learn something new to shake up your mental circuitry or explore another culture, people, or way of looking at the world.  Sag is the most broad minded and tolerant of signs and welcomes in the diversity of global consciousness.  Sag is always the seeker of truth and meaning in our earth-bound lives.

Mercury in Sag is ruler of the Full Moon chart and with Mercury retrograde from November 16 and riding under the influence of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction, it’s important to be mindful of what you say, how you say it, and the effect on others.  When you are on the receiving end of a stronger than necessary communication, you may need to step aside and let your breath (Gemini) guide you into a balanced response, otherwise that Mars square to the Sun and Moon may take you somewhere you DON’T want to go.  With Mercury squared by Neptune communications can go in unexpected directions, get confused, be misinterpreted, and non-verbal or unconscious communications can be just as strong as intended ones.  Neptune is especially strong as it is nearly at a standstill before is turns direct on Nov 24 at 13º Pisces after six months retrograde. Practice ‘right speech’ and don’t believe everything you think!

With the movement into Fire/Air signs (Sag/Gemini), it marks a swing away from the feminine and a move toward a more active, masculine influence from the planets.  Many less fixed signs are operating now and more mutable, change-oriented signs are present in this chart making it easier to make the changes we have felt we just couldn’t get off the ground in the recent past.

We are still under the long influence of the Grand Square and Grand Trine meeting at the North Node, our cutting edge as I wrote about above for New Moon.  We shall experience both in various measures without a doubt.  There is tremendous choice in this configuration along the lines of resistance/growth.

Full Moon is on the day of USA Thanksgiving holiday.

All Times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST)

11/22 Sun enters Sagittarius 2:01 AM MST

12/06 Mercury goes direct 27º Scorpio until 3/5/19

12/07 Sagittarius New Moon 15º 12:21 AM MST

12/21 Solstice~Sun enters Capricorn 3:22 PM MST

12/22 Cancer Full Moon 0º49’ 10:49 AM MST

01/05 Capricorn New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse 15º 6:28 PM MST

01/20 Sun enters Aquarius 12:59 AM MST

01/20 Leo Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse 0º51’ 10:15 PM MST


Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at



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It seems time for us to step out of our sleepwalking  stage and begin to take notice of life again. It is time to question life and even more importantly, we must thirst for that knowledge again. We are loosing that part of who we are. I saw someone on television today going on about how marvelous the state of our country is. In some ways I’d have to agree, but then again no. Take this article for instance.  We can’t be all peachy keen, humming along and have such a high rate of suicide. Something is out of balance. We can see the anxiety in our lives, we can see depression that often leads to violence and we all mourn mass shootings and violence, but we never seem to ask WHY have we become this way? What is wrong in our lives that needs correcting. What is driving this unrest to the brink? We will never know the answers and find ways to fix the problems unless we first accept we have a problem and then start asking the important questions. It seems like the logical next step in our evolution.

It is a very good time in our human story to demand new ways of thinking. We can’t be expected to continue on making the same mistakes and not doing anything about them. We allow political agendas to get in the way, our needs and desires get pushed aside because to bring them forth and speak about them does not fit in with a particular agenda. This is so wrong and it is holding us hostage to outdated modes of thinking that do NOT move us forward. It takes making noise about it, however, if we are to be heard.  The problems have to be noticed and talked about, not just swept under the rug and quickly forgotten until another time. The circle is endless and so too it seems our issues. They repeat and repeat and instead of growing and expanding we are shrinking and pulling within.

We are supposedly the greatest nation who has everything and yet her people are not displaying happy emotions. Many are anything but happy. We are out of balance and there is no need for this. We can’t learn anything new if we aren’t paying attention! From early on in childhood we begin learning by watching those around us. Today we barely even pay attention to who is around us. Humanity has been in the Big Sleep long enough, it time now to awaken ourselves and rejoin the living. As we enter into the holiday season, this  is one of the greatest gifts we give one another. Caring enough to notice and speak out in favor of improving our stand as a society. Lets do our very best to question, pay attention and embrace life again. If we do this we come together and when we come together, we have great strength!

Love and caring to us all,