4 thoughts on “November Forecast…

  1. Truth. I can certainly see that as the theme for November. Yet just like the article states, what is truth to one person may not necessarily be truth to another.

    I’m making two very hard decisions. One, both Bella and Max need assistance to go to the Rainbow Bridge this week. I was wrong about Max. He seems to respond every time I try something new and I would swear it was MY energy coaxing him on. Truth … he is consistently loosing weight and now eating, same as Bella. Two, my one and only sister who is supposedly close to me has not texted, or emailed, or called to check on me to see how I am doing or how my babies are doing. She was told weeks ago what is happening with Max and Bella yet not once has she even asked about them. She is too busy following a scam to get rich. Decision … I will NOT be calling her when my babies are no longer here. I’m done with BS. Family is more important then money … THAT is MY truth! It’s starting to look like my sister is truly not family.

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