Here Comes The New Moon….


Onward we go into the realms of a new moon and all the endless possibilities that it offers us. Use the energy to plan ahead and set new wheels in motion. Here is the article. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Here Comes The New Moon….

    • Hey AR….Just having problems with DW’s comments…WP is really getting on my nerves. They should leave well enough alone…I always see your comments tho’…No need to worry. The times they will be changing soon…
      Have patience πŸ™‚ VK ❀

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  1. I had to come back to your site to read your reply VK. still not getting notifications, even to my own liking my own comment…. I did see only two were following this site when I entered it via the reader the other week.. So have you deleted any? Go on to your followers and see, as I know you had lots more following you..
    Got your email and will reply shortly. ❀
    Hang in there and don't be brow beaten my friend ❀

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  2. Hi VK… I am going to try again by logging into your blog by using my Google account… Seems you are not still getting my comments I leave.. I even liked my own comment and replied to my own comment, but I received no link or alert back either so something is broken…
    Hope this method works, and if it does I will keep using it..
    Sending love your way ❀ DW..

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    • Hey DW…Wow! I can’t believe we are still having commenting problems..I guess I will have to break down and contact WP despite the fact I am furious at them for shadow banning people. Disgraceful! I never would have thought they would stoop so low. I wonder if that is causing problems. Who knows. I will have to look at my blog for comments I guess…I don’t see yours because I don’t get email notifications from your having commented for some reason. Odd…They don’t like what I talk about which is too bad…I’m not stopping for them that is for sure! Hope all is well at your end and life is being good to you. Be well dear friend and hopefully this commenting matter can get fixed somehow. I did get this one however so google must work for you. Love you and miss you being around. Times they are a changing! Hugs…VK ❀

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