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It seems time for us to step out of our sleepwalking  stage and begin to take notice of life again. It is time to question life and even more importantly, we must thirst for that knowledge again. We are loosing that part of who we are. I saw someone on television today going on about how marvelous the state of our country is. In some ways I’d have to agree, but then again no. Take this article for instance.  We can’t be all peachy keen, humming along and have such a high rate of suicide. Something is out of balance. We can see the anxiety in our lives, we can see depression that often leads to violence and we all mourn mass shootings and violence, but we never seem to ask WHY have we become this way? What is wrong in our lives that needs correcting. What is driving this unrest to the brink? We will never know the answers and find ways to fix the problems unless we first accept we have a problem and then start asking the important questions. It seems like the logical next step in our evolution.

It is a very good time in our human story to demand new ways of thinking. We can’t be expected to continue on making the same mistakes and not doing anything about them. We allow political agendas to get in the way, our needs and desires get pushed aside because to bring them forth and speak about them does not fit in with a particular agenda. This is so wrong and it is holding us hostage to outdated modes of thinking that do NOT move us forward. It takes making noise about it, however, if we are to be heard.  The problems have to be noticed and talked about, not just swept under the rug and quickly forgotten until another time. The circle is endless and so too it seems our issues. They repeat and repeat and instead of growing and expanding we are shrinking and pulling within.

We are supposedly the greatest nation who has everything and yet her people are not displaying happy emotions. Many are anything but happy. We are out of balance and there is no need for this. We can’t learn anything new if we aren’t paying attention! From early on in childhood we begin learning by watching those around us. Today we barely even pay attention to who is around us. Humanity has been in the Big Sleep long enough, it time now to awaken ourselves and rejoin the living. As we enter into the holiday season, this  is one of the greatest gifts we give one another. Caring enough to notice and speak out in favor of improving our stand as a society. Lets do our very best to question, pay attention and embrace life again. If we do this we come together and when we come together, we have great strength!

Love and caring to us all,



5 thoughts on “Questions…

  1. I read something the other week VK about how vibration is altering our senses.. How frequencies are disrupting emotional responses.. And then I got to thinking of all the wireless internet terminals in every home. Not to mention all the AI Google boxes that are constantly recording … If we understand we are energy beings.. Then it stands to reason our energy is out of Wack..
    People are no long communicating WITH each other face to face.. They are doing what we do here, type into a machine..
    I agree with what Amy says too, we are loosing touch with ourselves.. Brain washed, Dumbed down to the point many are not even ‘Thinking’ for themselves… And yes you are right too.. People no longer LISTEN.. They are too busy wanting to be heard..

    Sending LOVE and hope you get to see this… Much LOVE
    Sue ❤

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    • WOW!!!!!!!!! I got an email alerting me to your comment again…Took long enough. I guess now that the elections are over we can all resume our idea sharing…So sad….All you say is spot on DW,….I think the human body as well as our four legged friends are suffering acutely from frequency overload. Way TOO many frequencies are zapping us and I think much like the whales are driven off course by radar frequencies, we are being driven off course by EMF’s and I can’t even imagine what is going to happen when 5G is installed all over the planet!!! Frightening thought. I forget where it was, Holland or some such place just had hundreds and hundreds of birds die when 5G was started up….We shall all be frying unless we can regain some common sense and see what is happening to the world. There has never been a more appropriate time for challenging the old guard of Govt and finally freeing the people to be who they truly are meant to be. Will it happen? Your guess is as good as mine but I am pushing for it by revealing truth whenever I can. You as well…With FB failing now and people opting out of Social media right and left, that gives me hope. A little less brain washing going on. I’d like to see a national day of smashing TV’s next…Then revamping school curriculum’s….All the avenues that have been used to brain wash the people and force false ideas into our heads…The battle continues for us but I truly believe we are closing in on change….Hugs to you my friend and so glad I got your comment alert. Back to normal for a while. Enjoy it…..Love…VK ❤

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      • I am dreading when they start with 5G… They say a company EE is starting it up next year in a city not that far from us.. Its crazy … And hope you get this comment alert with my proper WP account, the one above is my Google acc..

        Speak soon dear friend.. ❤


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, VK! People for the most part don’t even know how to have a conversation. It’s shocking. I’ve witnessed conversation hijacking where one person hogs the conversation and just runs with it not even giving the other person a chance to speak. I’ve witnessed shut down when something I say the other person does not like. I’ll give an example of that. I was speaking to a woman in a phone store (mine broke) and I saw she had what looked like a watch. She explained to me that this thing was blue toothed into her phone to keep track of her blood pressure and heart rate while she wore it on her wrist. I just looked at her and before I could “think” said, “But won’t that get you obsessive about your HR and BP?” She turned her back on me at that point and refused to have further conversation with me. Oops. I actually had a really good conversation with a young man and it was SO cool to have eye contact, and a consistent healthy conversation back and forth. I even thanked him for this conversation. He agreed with me that the majority of people do not know how to converse anymore. So ….. as usual I leave my 2 cents and what I’ve been seeing in my own life. There are SOME out there who still know how to interact thank goodness. Perhaps we who know how to do so will begin a revolution that is called ….. put your iPhone down and talk to ME. LOL

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    • Yeah, talk to me would be nice and just as important, if not more so, would be listen to me!! We haven’t got a clue how to listen. If we talk we do it to make our point heard and try to convince the other person we are right. Warped….The back and forth, give and take of words is close to dead at this point. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, it is time for us to use telepathy…So much would be fixed if we could read minds then nobody could lie, cheat or steal any more…Everything would be out there for the world to see. It’s where we are headed, it’s just taking way longer than I had hoped. Have faith, we’ll get there eventually….Hugs to you…VK ❤

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