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To many, the world seems as if it has fallen apart, turned itself inside out and upside down. How we once were is no longer how we are now, we are morphing into the unknown. So how can we regain our balance and strengthen our foundations in these very troubled times? We need to be grounding and finding ways to come together as a whole at long last.

Humanity desperately needs to rediscover its touch stones that feed our human desire to live a life of deeper meaning. The era of opulence and materialism we recently danced through was often captivating and exciting, yet we still continued to hunger for more, our lives were not replete. As we continued to stumble along in search of that life of ‘More’, we took a detour out of materialism into the era of Technology. We still find ourselves immersed in it ,held captive by it, because so much of the modern-day world depends upon Technology to function.

Technology has become a soul snatcher in so many ways.It has forced serious addictions upon innocent people, in many cases it has taken over thinking for us as our brains begin to wither from inactivity. Our entire reality is being dictated by what we are told or led to believe through the media rather than knowing and sensing through our guts. We no longer seem to require one on one, face to face interactions with others for they are but a few taps away on social media. We have been sucked into a slow and subtle disconnection from life, we have been lured into the center of the spider web and captured.

It often feels like we are living on hyper autopilot, our feet no longer touch the ground. We are suspended between two paradigms searching for a safe place to land. Given today’s climate, that is not an easy thing to find. Sometimes I wonder if we are even truly aware that we are alive anymore. So much of our existence is taken for granted thus allowing us to disconnect and sleepwalk our way through daily life. The major trouble with disconnection is that eventually it breeds discontent within. Before all of this upset with our lives erupted, we just hungered for ‘More’ so we kept on going and searching for answers, now we’ve abandoned the search, cast aside our morals and have taken on an almost robotic way of living, not seeming to care where we are headed or why. Who are we becoming? Is this good for us?

In many of my past posts I have talked about how in order to get back on track and reconnect with ourselves we must go within. So what does that really mean and how do we do that? First and foremost we must face our own issues and put them to bed and exclude them from our lives going forward. What good are? How have they improved anything? Why continue to drag around baggage that slows us down and hampers our ability to become who we really want to be? Technology has allowed us the perfect escape from ourselves and our problems for a while, but over time our baggage accumulates like heaps of garbage that we cannot ignore forever because the smell of rotten decay becomes so strong.

Take time to look within, deeply, not just at the surface. Find your issues and name them so you can claim them then begin to sweep away each issue one small step at a time to prevent overwhelm. Be kind to yourself as you undertake this task, praise yourself as you succeed and move forward, for the courage and effort you have made to listen to what your soul truly wants and needs and for recreating your life accordingly. As with everything in life, whatever we take away and eliminate we must fill the void left behind or else the old issues will return and slip back into place. This is why touch stones are so important , they guide us and define our lives so we feel secure and safe. These stones make up our foundations and give us strength and direction. If we follow them we are able to successfully float down stream rather than having to struggle to swim upstream against the currents. So what are touch stones?  Here are a few to consider.

Touch Stones for reconnection to self:

Let go of needing to be in control

Let go of self-doubt

Stop seeing productivity as self-worth!

Let go of scarcity and fear

Stop comparing yourself. You are unique!

Let go of needing to be right

Stop numbing out feeling

Have trust and faith in the universe

Put down the cell phone and pay attention to what is around you!


Touchstones for how to be in the world:

Always be truthful

Offer your assistance where it is needed

Respect all others

Never be judgmental

Be inspiring to yourself and to others

Be loving with your actions and your words

Be kind and gentle to others

Stand up for what you believe

Realize we all just want to be loved and accepted

Much love to all,



8 thoughts on “Touch Stones…

  1. “Humanity desperately needs to rediscover its touch stones that feed our human desire to live a life of deeper meaning. ”

    Totally in agreement VK.. Like Amy says, this is a brilliant post full of truths..
    We basically have lost touch with ourselves. We lack care and consideration of others and put more emotion into the loss of THINGS than we do in the Loss of Life..

    The world is crumbling and we are allowing AI to infiltrate every part of our existence.. Technology is duping us into its false trap of hypnotism.

    Loved the touch stones you have presented us with VK.. All of them vital elements we all should be embracing.

    LOVE and Hugs.. You are missed.. ❤ over at Dreamwalkers.


  2. Wow, VK, you put a lot of thought into this post! Par excellent! Your words I read and again I so agree with you. The way this post is written I know you spent a lot of time and thought on it. Your excellence shows! I wish I could give you a hug for writing this. And I wish many would find their way here in order to read Truth as you have written here!

    I do have news that will make you happy. I have put my cellphone down. The only time I use it is when I must transfer pictures to my cellphone in order to do the watermark with one of my phone apps. I’ve basically walked away from texting too. I don’t want to be on my phone anymore. I want to reconnect to people in the here and now. I just had a long and lovely phone conversation today with my neighbor and OH how we talked, respecting each other, the conversation flowing easily. I so enjoy moments like this! And I’m honored that she trusts me enough to delve into personal issues with me.

    I REFUSE to be dumbed down. I REFUSE to fry my brain with radio waves. Do you know that after using our remote phone (the one connected to our landline phone) I got the most horrible headache and felt so nauseous I thought I was going to pass out!? Even this I can no longer handle! I REFUSE to become a robot without any emotion. I REFUSE to let go the fact we are all Brothers and Sisters. I REFUSE to get sucked into the more more more philosophy of this world. I am rich beyond description because of what I do have in my life and for all the LOVE I have in my life too! Even some family (not all) are beginning to welcome me back into the fold as they realize the past is the past, now is NOW. I had to wait for them to put down their sword in order to SEE me.

    I LOVE your touchstones! LOVE them. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for working so hard on this post, dear friend. Your deep thought shows and your shining Light is seen quite clearly. Much LOVE to you!! 💞

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    • Wow AR….Thank you for such kind words from your heart! That really means a lot! I wrote part of this last night before I went to sleep and finished it this morning. I questioned whether I should post it or not. Now I guess I’m glad I did. I am so glad you found yourself in my words and that they reinforced your feelings as well. I think we are slowly coming out of the fog. Humanities thoughts have been programmed for so long many have trouble thinking for themselves now and are oblivious to a great deal of what is going on. It’s both frightening and frustrating to witness. Their reality is one molded by outside forces and they don’t even know it! But they will. More truths are about to be exposed and with each unleashing of new truths we wake up just a little bit more and people begin to question again. It’s a long process. We all pop open eventually, but only when we are ready and not before.
      Stay true to yourself and so glad to hear you have put the phone aside for a while. I think more and more people are doing this, especially with social media being exposed and so many people bailing out of it. I think unfortunately many will stay connected to their phones, but for different reasons now. It will be to use their apps and yes texting, but I think the complete submersion into social media platforms will begin to lessen more and more. People are seeing the light thank God!
      Thanks again for your kind words and warm thoughts. I’m sure you too got this snow storm. I was just out shoveling the walkways…It was heavy, wet snow for sure. More again tomorrow I think. Stay warm and cozy over there 🙂 Hugs and love and thanks to you….VK ❤

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      • I sing you high praises, dear friend, because you are so very deserving of it. It takes courage to publish a post like this one. It is so evident that you are still thinking for yourself and not something else doing the work for you. You are so right about people waking up in their own time. I like you just wish it would move faster then it is. Although when I do see progress it is usually from out of the blue and I’m blown away. Every indication of one who is “asleep” coming awake is exciting.

        And yes it is scary to emerge from a state of “huh?” to in your face “WTF is happening?” I know for myself that I can only focus on the world for so long before I get overwhelmed. God has had me really in my home or just out and about in Nature these past few years for good reason. I am seeing some doors opening but they are slow in doing so. When the time is right for me to be fully back in the world, it will happen. Until then, I do what I do now and be happy.

        It is snowing here but not that bad. I was thinking of crawling around in my gardens with my macro to get some unusual images but I don’t know. Between a warm house and a cold ground … I’ll take the warm house. Yes we too are supposed to be getting more snow. If we do we do. If not, we don’t. HUGS and Much Love to you!!! 💞

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