Gentle New Year To All…

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I was going to put my usual fireworks display up top for New Years Eve, but the more I thought about I it I said “No!’ The world has seen far too much violence and  violent outbursts this year and as we head into the new year, I hope we all become more self actualizing in how we are projecting ourselves out to the world. It’s time to pay attention to what we say and what we do and how we think. The world needs love to heal right now and we must be that energy that is so greatly needed to preform such a miracle. To be peaceful inside and outside, to be mindful of each other and offer respect and calmness, to be kind and caring, to begin to live our lives outside ourselves with the awareness of others. The battle between the dark and the light that is taking place right now around us is calling for our help to save the world.  I pray we can be of service and the world will accept our offerings and begin to shift it’s priorities in a more positive direction if we are ourselves are!

I send you all a millions blessings for the year ahead… ❤

Much Love……Visionkeeper

Warm Wishes To All For Christmas…

Sending each and every one of you warm wishes and much love for a wonderful holiday season. It is a good time to focus on what you can give to others not what they can give to you. The world is starving for a change. Be that change! Thank you all for stopping by here and adding your voices. It has been greatly appreciated by me over the years. Merry Christmas and may the new year finally be the one we have all been waiting for!

Love to us all…


Bizzy Update….

Well my goodness…Life at my house is getting interesting these days. I wrote a while ago about Bizzy’s return but I have even more interesting news. I found the most interesting foot prints in the snow yesterday. I did not recognize the tiny little prints so I had to look them up. Now I know who is eating dinner along with Bizzy. I also have a red squirrel by the name of Scampy who has been with me during the summer months for quite a few years now. Apparently he has come for food as well and it is his foot prints I saw in the snow. I do love my four legged furry friends and I hope I can make their survival this winter just a wee bit easier in the frigid cold. Now Scampy I can see, as he often races across my porch railing and teases the cats in the window. He is such a character. I thank Creator for sending these friends my way. May we both help each other get through the long winter months!

Love to all…


Just In Time For Christmas…

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Just to let you all know, Bizzy is back!!! Yep, I saw the foot prints in the snow so I put out his box again with his food inside and sure enough, it was GONE this morning! So glad to have him back again. It still boggles my mind that a wild rabbit would come up on the porch every night to eat. So glad he does. I’ve only seen him once but the foot prints he leaves behind tell the story! So merry Christmas to Bizzy and to me! Best present I could ever have.


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Contemptuous…Not a word I use often but it seems to describe quite accurately a certain faction of disgruntled people residing in  the United States and elsewhere. So what is the actual definition of  the word contemptuous? I listen to the words that come out of the mouths of the people who are resisting President Trump and it sickens me. They are the epitome of the word contemptuous in every sense. I have been around on this planet for quite some time and NEVER in my entire life have I witnessed such contempt and disdain. It really is quite shocking and I like many I know, find it draining and depleting and extremely discouraging to think this is where humanity has ventured to. Honestly it is embarrassing and I don’t believe I am alone in feeling this way.

Regardless of what side of the fence you sit on, there is NO excuse to publicly display contempt for someone everyday, all day and in such a vile way. We used to be a country that respected each other, especially our leaders and it was unheard of to do what we see taking place today. A total disregard for respect in every sense of the word. People are going out of their way to hurt others and even destroy their lives. This is completely unacceptable! The picture I chose today for this post says it all in one short quote. It is time we begin to remember who and what we stand for. Go forth and spend your day improving others lives and bringing them joy, it’s why we are here.

Blessings to all…


Opening Up…

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Well, I’m not sure about posting this latest post, I’m having reservations at the same time a voice is saying “Do it!” I’ll at least write it out, whether I post it or not we shall see. I found myself in a situation the other day that I found very disturbing but I wasn’t certain why and so I set about searching within for an answer. I don’t like to hold onto things that keep bothering me. So where do I even begin? This is very personal for me to expose but I feel I must. It relates so deeply to what is going on in the world right now and not in a good way.

Back in 2008 I lost a great deal of my retirement money because of the corrupt financial disaster that turned everyone upside down. It severely  shortened the coverage  of my so-called golden years. Yeah. So here I sit today with no money and having  to depend upon Social Security and a reverse mortgage for survival. To pour salt in my wound I have been unable to work for years because of a serious social anxiety disorder. I stay pretty close to home. I tried to get disability but because I tried a couple of times to work for as long as I could in my early years on earth, but ended up having to stop, I cannot  qualify. To make matters worse because I couldn’t work I had no points gathered in work hours to collect regular Social security. Because I was over 65 I was too old for disability so the best they could do was give me SSI. Supplemental Income. I’d take anything! Now if I had suddenly lost both legs I bet it would be a different story. Still in this day and age our heads are not treated as part of our body and accepted for what they are. How pathetic. I don’t grieve for myself, I grieve for humanity.

Well I couldn’t begin to even pay all my bills with what I received so I had to take out a reverse mortgage to make ends meet. During the times I would have the reverse mortgage money in my account I went over their $2000.00 allowed income limit not realizing I was doing wrong. They let it slide for close to eight months before they informed me that what I was doing was wrong and demanded their money back for the months I was over the limit and they sent me my checks. What? This rule is designed to keep the poor poor and unable to rise up out of the hole they are in. A reverse mortgage is a loan and a loan is NOT income so I thought all was well. I appealed and almost a year and a half later they finally tell me I lost my appeals case and must pay them back by their taking money out of my check every month until it is paid off. I was slammed into massive depression but I wasn’t really sure why. What had me so twisted up inside?

Is this where humanity is at now? We kick the dog when it is down and chained? How do we demand money from someone who doesn’t have any and can’t work to get any? Why have we not evolved further along to where we reach out to others and give them a loving hand up rather than punishing them for having nothing and keep pushing them down? I am saddened at where humanity finds itself right now. My God we are SO much better than this. I find the political attacks on people today so vile they almost hurt me physically, the constant, mindless drumbeat for revenge is enough to  make you sick! I feel deep sorrow and frustration for where we find ourselves now as we face the crossroads. Are we even awake enough to make rational decisions about where our life is going?

The main stream media is not telling the truth about what is taking place around the world. The riots in France are not about gas prices or taxes. The people have had enough of global elitism and they refuse to take  it anymore. It’s in Belgium and the Netherlands as well as other countries. Just wait for Brexit to set off Britain and we are not immune from riots here at home. There is a great deal of anger and unrest boiling over. These are highly charged, toxic times and we need to see the bigger picture of what lies ahead for us if we continue on the way we are. The Universe is patiently waiting for us to awaken and create a new and better world. It’s time and the pressure is on. Which crossroad are we going to take?

Unfortunately it took me going from living a comfortable life to living on nothing to fully understand the disconnect between those who have it all and those that have nothing. The discrepancy is huge and yet we barely take notice if it’s not part of our personal world. It’s time to make everybody part of our world, we are all equal and it’s time our hearts recognized this. I can’t change my situation much which gives me great unrest at times, but I can try to change humanity for the better. Let me hold up the mirror for all those to finally see the truth. I think people are waking up now and all I can do is hope they see how we are being led far astray down a path of deceit from where we are meant to be going. It is time to throw open the doors to our hearts and let love flood out into the world with acceptance for all.

Blessings to all,