6 thoughts on “December Forecast…

  1. I already have seen the chaos churning. I do my best to organize the chaos or bring that chaos to an end in all ways it effects my life or my family’s life. And I keep on focusing on Beauty and Love in order to get through the chaos at hand. Thank you for this report, VK. There is one aspect of my life I’m ready to go in with both guns ready and loaded. The incompetence in this world is outrageous! By tomorrow this aspect will be taken care of my way. Ya got my word on that!

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    • Not sure what you have up your sleeve to deal with incompetence, but go for AR!! Not only is the chaos abundant everywhere it seems but we are in Mercury retrograde! Hang in there and keep looking for the beauty. It’s all around us but so often we don’t see it…I fall into that a lot but I’m trying to be better. Wishing you all the best in the days ahead. Thinking of you…Hugs…VK ❤

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      • I’m just not tolerating incompetence in my life and will be ready to bring in the “big guns” (people we know) if a certain business does not clean up its act and in a hurry. Groan. Mercury retrograde. Communications all gone awry. No wonder! If I can see the Beauty you can too, VK. (((HUGS)))!

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