The Time Has Come…

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I just wanted to take a few minutes to speak to everybody about what comes next in this journey we are on. While we have been busy trying to hold on as we careen around corners and plunge downhill then up on this roller coaster ride as well as healing ourselves within, there is far more to what is going on than most are aware of or are talking about. The time is upon us for major change and we need to be ready for it when it slams into us in the immediate future. This is that moment we have been waiting on since 2012. The change has already begun but we are so distracted by the ranting media, many are oblivious to what is taking place in the world. Change and freedom or at least the demand for it, has become a world-wide phenomenon.  France, Belgium, Germany, the E.U. are on fire with riots and unrest. Of course main stream media will tell you it’s all about gas taxes as they do not want everybody to know that the world is fed up with elitism and are willing to take their fight for change to the streets. That is what the unrest is REALLY all about, but you won’t be told.

It is happening here in the U.S. as well only you will not hear about anything on the nightly news. Just know it is and change is erupting everyday on multiple fronts. As with any change, it can come at a very high price. There is always unrest wherever you find change occurring. People tend to panic when their routine is broken and their reality is threatened, they want to cling to what was instead of embracing what can be. Fear is the driving force behind the unrest we often see and fear is born out of NOT knowing the truth or having the full picture of what is going on. The unknown always creates fear, but we are only ignorant to reality if we allow ourselves to be. It is up to us to research for the truth and knowledge and share what we find. This is how we prepare to survive the storm together.

I think we will witness many changes soon and the chaos it often brings. If we know it’s coming, if we research why so we can understand our situation more clearly, then we have a strong foundation upon which to stand and we have less fear of it. If we are thrown into change unknowingly and we have no true knowledge, then as we panic out of fear, we listen to the voice of our so-called media for answers, but we will get only lies. To know the truth one MUST seek it out in alternative ways. It’s there for the taking if we just choose to enlighten ourselves and make an effort to find it. So know the road ahead in the coming weeks may get bumpy and  we may get tossed about, but  this is when we need to listen to OURSELVES and to the deeper truths we discover as we journey along towards freedom. We are close, very close and this is why the going may get rough as the old falls away and the new moves in to fill the void. Stay strong, stay connected, stay aware and TRUST that all is moving forward as it is meant to.

Strength and courage to all,

❤ Visionkeeper ❤

6 thoughts on “The Time Has Come…

  1. I’m getting slammed with chaos and fear, VK. Today I do have my head above water after getting hit from every direction possible. If my personal realm is any indication of what is happening in the world, HOLD ON!

    ALL of our cats are symptomatic and needing help (and I have to KNOW what to do) because of Max’s death. One cat was so bad he was bleeding and peeing only small dribbles. That one sent me flying knowing if I could not stop this process we would have to run to the ER. This morning I have evidence the “blockage” broke up and he peed like a racehorse. Now to keep him stable. Hubby in attempting to fix our leaking kitchen faucet found out he was given the wrong tubing so now we do not have any water at all in the kitchen. I’ve been having a ton of problems with a food company (cat food) who never refunded our money nor did they send any order. We are about to put in a complaint in with our credit card company. I ate a piece of dark chocolate and now my face is a mess all blown up in red blotches from an allergic reaction. IT’S BEEN CRAZY!!!!!!!!

    And so I turn to my camera and go for a walk and BREATHE ……..

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    • Well yes it is all happening, it is Mercury Retrograde AR….If something is going to break or go wrong it will happen in Mercury Retrograde…Try real hard to put your focus on what is right and not on what is going wrong lest you get sucked in further. It is a hard dance to maneuver when you’re in the middle of it but this is what we must do to weather this storm. Hoping it all improves for you. Take it slow and know freedom is around the bend…That should ease things a bit 🙂 Hugs…VK ❤

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      • When will this retrograde be over, VK? Today things are a LOT calmer, thank goodness. I have yet to catch my breath with Max for all the commotion in this house. I’m going for a LONG walk today bringing with me my camera and new lens. I must keep reminding myself that everything works out for the GOOD. XOXO

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