December Outlook….

December 2018
Turning the Stuck Life
into Something Marvelous
by Mark Borax 
Putney Mountain,
We’re approaching the end of a year I predicted to usher in issues of power, issues of how we use time, and issues of serving and being served.  (Attend our live broadcast on Dec 18)
As a Dog year (the animal that most loves to serve) we still have a couple of months (since the Oriental year doesn’t end on December 31) to get clear about the things we do that serve, the things that don’t serve, and what serves us.
Clarifying the issue of service leads to right livelihood, something that’s been trying to emerge in society since the 1960s Revolution in Consciousness taught us that we’re here to follow our own inner truth rather than be cogs in the Machine.
As 2018, the first of three years of Saturn in Capricorn draws to a close, power, this year, has been rollicking back and forth from obsolete, twisted patriarchal abuses, to enlightened new ways of claiming and sharing power for both men and women. Any ideas and communications that bring the genders into deeper truth with themselves and each other are very crucial and therapeutic at this time of great unrest and volatility in collective consciousness.
By Majak Bredell
Use of power often breaks down to how we handle time, because most people live their lives enslaved to a system of time that drains the imagination and lames creative thought.  When we break away from this mechanical, corporatized idea of time, we enter sacred time, a way of being that is similar to falling in love or being next to someone you love who’s dying, or attending a home birth ~ where time bends and stretches, elongates and compresses in vivid ways that can be felt by more than just one person, as if those events stretch and fold curtains of time out of the normal way time is perceived.
As Saturn continues its tour of Capricorn during the next two years there is much power available to you if you learn to unplug from machinelike Corporate Time and enter Sacred Time. Play with it and see how it works in your own life. Forget the fact that you’re supposedly X years old, or have too many obligations in too little time, because those ideas have been drummed into your head from mass consciousness and may be not at all like the way your own authentic nature gets to work and play with Time.
Throughout December the planets align in a pattern that fills two-thirds of the sky, leaving one-third open. This is known as a Catalyst because its main feature is to catalyze the kind of progressive change that’s been building underground, seeking one final ingredient to catalyze social transformation. Some person or idea may catalyze your own transformation this month, or you could end up being the ingredient that catalyzes someone else’s.
By Nick Sullo
Of the elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water, most of the planets are in Water all month, accentuating the deep flow of soul and feeling. When Water is strong emotions run high, but the conduit to your inner nature is strong.  A deep restlessness is a good sign that your waters of the soul are hungry for change. Your feelings may know something your ego-mind keeps ignoring, so pay attention to the way you feel, especially down deep.
If you play with the idea of trading enslavement to the clock for Sacred Time, meta-time, trans-time, the power of your inner nature and creative imagination will be released and you will tap an end-of-the-year flow that  the month of Sagittarius brings which can be so sweet for turning the stuck life into something marvelous.
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Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
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