Just In Time For Christmas…

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Just to let you all know, Bizzy is back!!! Yep, I saw the foot prints in the snow so I put out his box again with his food inside and sure enough, it was GONE this morning! So glad to have him back again. It still boggles my mind that a wild rabbit would come up on the porch every night to eat. So glad he does. I’ve only seen him once but the foot prints he leaves behind tell the story! So merry Christmas to Bizzy and to me! Best present I could ever have.

4 thoughts on “Just In Time For Christmas…

    • I know what you mean AR…Actually the moles are worse for me than the rabbits! And the deer are being a real pain this winter. They absolutely destroyed my myrtle bed of all things and it isn’t even really snowy or cold right now so they should be eating in the fields etc. Oh well, all part of the animal world challenges I guess. Have a happy day AR…VK ❤

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    • I just thought last year was a fluke and wasn’t it cute etc. etc. But wow, when I realized he came back again this year it somehow seems even more amazing to me, he had to have remembered where to come for food 🙂 I just wish I could see him, but he sneaks in at night….Oh well, can’t have everything. Have a happy TL. Thanks for popping by…VK


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