Bizzy Update….

Well my goodness…Life at my house is getting interesting these days. I wrote a while ago about Bizzy’s return but I have even more interesting news. I found the most interesting foot prints in the snow yesterday. I did not recognize the tiny little prints so I had to look them up. Now I know who is eating dinner along with Bizzy. I also have a red squirrel by the name of Scampy who has been with me during the summer months for quite a few years now. Apparently he has come for food as well and it is his foot prints I saw in the snow. I do love my four legged furry friends and I hope I can make their survival this winter just a wee bit easier in the frigid cold. Now Scampy I can see, as he often races across my porch railing and teases the cats in the window. He is such a character. I thank Creator for sending these friends my way. May we both help each other get through the long winter months!

Love to all…