Bizzy Update….

Well my goodness…Life at my house is getting interesting these days. I wrote a while ago about Bizzy’s return but I have even more interesting news. I found the most interesting foot prints in the snow yesterday. I did not recognize the tiny little prints so I had to look them up. Now I know who is eating dinner along with Bizzy. I also have a red squirrel by the name of Scampy who has been with me during the summer months for quite a few years now. Apparently he has come for food as well and it is his foot prints I saw in the snow. I do love my four legged furry friends and I hope I can make their survival this winter just a wee bit easier in the frigid cold. Now Scampy I can see, as he often races across my porch railing and teases the cats in the window. He is such a character. I thank Creator for sending these friends my way. May we both help each other get through the long winter months!

Love to all…


5 thoughts on “Bizzy Update….

  1. Wow.. how beautiful is that.. Love that you have such good company VK..
    Keep warm in the snow my friend.. 🙂 Love and Well wishes.. ❤ Special thoughts for you as the festive season is almost upon us.. Busy busy indeed ❤ ❤

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    • It’s very cool DW….I love natures creatures coming close and sharing themselves. Skampy is a real character, always goofing around and he so loves torturing the cats through the window when they are inside! Happy holidays to you all as well dear friend…I trust all are well again and ready for Santa. May you have a wonderful and magical day. Hugs to you and all the best to Hubby too,. Much love…VK ❤

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      • Yessss You saw my comment hehe.. Wonderful at last.. 🙂
        My daughter has regular squirrels in her garden they build their nests in her high trees and she has young ones in the Spring jumping around.. She feeds them along with foxes.. So to have them so close I know the pleasure they bring..
        Granddaughter is well, though was poorly and not fully as vibrant, but thankfully no worse for her ordeal..
        Sending LOVE and Hubby says all the best back to you.. and he says Cheers for thinking of him.. ❤ Hugs to you dear friend ❤

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