Gentle New Year To All…

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I was going to put my usual fireworks display up top for New Years Eve, but the more I thought about I it I said “No!’ The world has seen far too much violence and  violent outbursts this year and as we head into the new year, I hope we all become more self actualizing in how we are projecting ourselves out to the world. It’s time to pay attention to what we say and what we do and how we think. The world needs love to heal right now and we must be that energy that is so greatly needed to preform such a miracle. To be peaceful inside and outside, to be mindful of each other and offer respect and calmness, to be kind and caring, to begin to live our lives outside ourselves with the awareness of others. The battle between the dark and the light that is taking place right now around us is calling for our help to save the world.  I pray we can be of service and the world will accept our offerings and begin to shift it’s priorities in a more positive direction if we are ourselves are!

I send you all a millions blessings for the year ahead… ❤

Much Love……Visionkeeper