Full Moon Sunday….


This sounds like it is going to be a rather intense full moon. Well, what isn’t intense these days it seems. I think it best we pay attention and mellow out our own lives and not encourage aggression towards anybody…Stay peaceful everyone! Here is the article. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Full Moon Sunday….

  1. Thank you, VK! How right on this is for me. Lately I’ve really been questioning areas of my life, those very ones that just don’t seem to feel right anymore. I’ve been questioning a lot lately and have noticed how much I’ve been focusing on how “old” I am. BAH! No way will I let numbers get to me. Yet I did. I was looking into the mirror and picking on those things that say …. AGE. This past year has put years on me, yet, I’m still ME. I’m sticking with my camera that makes me feel and look YOUNG. That is my secret to Eternal Youth. Loved this post! 🤗

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    • It’s sad we have all been ‘Trained’ to believe aging is bad, that it lessens who we are, that it suggests an ending for us rather than possible new beginnings in a new stage of life…We have a great deal of false information to cleanse from our beliefs…Hence we begin to question! The more we question about ourselves the better we know who we are….Have at it AR and have fun while you’re at it! Hugs…VK ❤

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      • VK, I’m shocked how deeply this LIE is embedded within me. I will NOT allow this crap to undo me! If I do not Love myself exactly for who I am right now, no one will. I will NOT be ashamed because I have age on me! I will and do see Beauty! And the “thoughts” that push me to focus on the “ugly” I shout NOOOOO to! It doesn’t help matters that I’m having a tough time with allergic reactions that show on my face (of course!) and hubby continually points these out …. I retort to him there is more to my face then these reactions! STOP saying what you are! He is making me so self-conscious to the point I don’t want to go out of the house. Crazy? I know. Grrrr….. I’m getting this, VK! So much has come against me to try to bring me down. This age issue will not!! XOXO


    • I’d say set some firm boundaries with hubby….NO negative comments allowed or else. I would imagine tho’ his comments are coming from concern for you but probably come across as not positive…A mis-connection that triggers you….It’s hard. They always say to be grateful to our triggers as they teach and guide us, but interacting with them is quite often difficult. Nothing about coming awake is easy as we have learned. Challenging to say the least. The more honest and open we are to those around us and they to us, we no longer allow in the unwanted guest called assumption. We know and we are aware of what is going on.
      I too looked in the mirror the other day and was stunned at how much I have aged due to stress over the past year. I remember looking closely at the wrinkles etc.and my first thought to come into my mind was ” It’s my fault!” There is no fault because their is no warped truth to aging. We must no longer fight the process of aging, but rather we must accept it and make ourselves aware CONSTANTLY about what is right about aging, feel pride in ourselves and all the wisdoms we have to offer…In the Native American life they honored their elders and their knowledge, they kept them as part of the family. Everything about aging we have been taught to view through a negative lens right down to shipping our loved ones off to nursing homes to sit in wheelchairs and stare.
      I am thinking we have tapped into a bigger vein of asking questions right now AR so we can better accept the ‘EVERYTHING’ of who we are, age spots and all. It’s not just us, many are asking questions too. VK ❤
      I think part of the answer lies in being able to say "Who Cares?" and letting whatever it is roll off our backs.. It stands to reason the more we learn to love ourselves the the easier the process becomes.

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      • Bless you, dear friend. I am setting firm boundaries with Hubby but he tends to be OCD and then some. So every time he stares at my face I say something … “Now you see how beautiful I am!”. LOL

        I discovered something yesterday which I think you could apply to your life. Before I picked up my camera to take the macro pictures, my face looked haggard and old. True. Afterward, however, when I looked into the mirror, I seemed to have lost 10-15 years! When you LOVE what you do, that in of itself keeps you young. I know too that exercise for me anyways, lifts the years off of me.

        Yes, we all must get to the place to say, “Who cares?” I recently saw a photograph of a very old woman in a 3rd world country and remember thinking to myself … oh, how beautiful! She was so wrinkled yet the “glow” of her beauty came through. That is how I wish to be seen ….. glowing! And when you have a Happy Heart and Love Life, and Love what you do, that is exactly what happens. Cool beans!!

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    • Yeah, cool beans…I just need to find the thing I love doing. Been looking all my life. Using my brain is my gift…My Big Picture thinking has allowed me to connect the dots and stay aware of the world and what is really going on.I used to think I wanted to write a book but to be really good you have to be able to follow up with other books. I don’t have that kind of imagination. I just continue to collect day to day information on what humanity is doing, where we are and what needs changing and when I return to wherever I came from in the universe I will have a wealth of information for them to pour over and store for the future. Have a happy young day 🙂 VK ❤

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