I was shoveling snow today after the storm began to let up and was thinking about the state of the world right now as I was keeping busy. I know what is wrong with the world, but I instead of thinking about that, I asked myself what was right with it. Good question. We are all so trained to see the bad, to take note of what is wrong, to dwell in those thoughts and as a result, our essence suffers for we are only living from half of our life. In order to live a full life that is balanced we must be able to live life through seeing what is right with the world instead of always seeing what is wrong. Something many people have not had much experience in doing. That in itself is tragic. Our minds got hijacked a long time ago!

Every day we are faced with negative, hostile and damning rhetoric. Non stop it’s all about hate; hate Trump, hate the conservatives, be defiant, get ugly. Over and over the rhetoric is like a sick drum beat pushing us along. We must not listen to this garbage any longer, it is driving us into the ground. We are falling apart and losing direction, we are putting up our own walls and separating ourselves from others we do not agree with.  If everyone just turned off their t.v. sets and made it a challenge to spend each day taking notice of what is right in the world, in our lives instead of what is wrong, our mindsets would begin to shift. It just takes us being vigilant and opening our minds beyond the closed prisons we have been trapped in. Life is rich and mysterious and there is so much for us to learn if we just get out of our own way and change how we think.

Blessings to all,