Opposites Attract….


So much craziness going on in the world. My head spins with fatigue from trying to comprehend everything taking place around me. I can’t understand it and yet I know instinctively that things must change, but how? We change what we don’t like by doing the opposite. Nothing will ever change if we continue doing the same things. So sit back and take stock of what is wrong and do the opposite. Too much anger in the people you interact with, be calm and understanding instead. Too many lies being crammed down your throat by the Government? Make it your life’s foundation to always be a truthful person. Too much corruption bringing you down? Practice honesty in everything you do every day. Too much greed going on around you? Go out of your way to offer others your kindness and any help they may need. If the only things you are hearing everyday are attacks on people or their character, find ways to praise and uplift people for what they are doing right. It is time to emphasize what is right in the world and stop the never ending blather of what is wrong. Wherever you place your concentration action will follow, so think about what is right and create a better reality.

Blessings to all,