Can You Feel It?


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I have heard and seen as well as sensed recently, a slight change in the level of insanity going on in the world. Of course it is still taking place, but at the same time there are incidents of push back against the craziness, people being called out and outcries have begun. It is a good sign, we are regaining a wee bit of common sense perhaps.  It seems to me that one of the major lessons we are learning at this time  is  to be aware of the hidden dangers in not thinking for ourselves! Sadly it has taken two years now of being warned about ‘fake news’ to finally see the truth of it. It is an extremely dangerous situation to be in when the main source of our information (the media) is not telling us the truth. Slowly but surely people are discovering the truth of what is going on in the world through their new awareness and searching for alternative news sources. Once one awakens and begins to absorb new truths and establishing new beliefs, there is no going back. That is what they are afraid of.

I know from my own experience how difficult these times are to wade through, but there is light at the end of this bleak, black tunnel. I can see it peeking out from behind the clouds. I believe we had to get ultra crazy in order to see what we were doing. We stopped thinking for ourselves and hopped onto the nearest band wagon to follow along. But things are changing. For example, we are sensing and seeing some of the negative side effects now of social media’s addiction and we are realizing the importance of nature again and its ability to calm the human spirit. We are beginning to realize  that the reality we are shown daily via the media is not the true reality of life.  Most importantly we are learning that we have the choice of what reality we choose to live in. Awakening takes great courage because we often find ourselves huddled on a rock between opposite sides of a rushing brook trying to get up the courage to jump across to the other side. Change is uncertainty and what we need most to accept change is trust that all will be well when we land on that other side.

We must stay true to ourselves, create our own reality where truth resides and that is always in our heart. Let the drama play out on the world’s stage but do not partake in it. Let it go, we don’t really need to know what the world is doing, just what we are doing and do it to the best of our ability. Have courage to feel discomfort when you venture outside your comfort zone for it can get pretty hairy. Once again it is all about trust in the universe and in yourself, everything else is just window dressing. Stick together with like-minded people because there is indeed power in numbers. Together as one we are a force to be reckoned with!

Blessings to all,

Visionkeeper ❤


10 thoughts on “Can You Feel It?

  1. ‘Trust in the Universe’ and ‘Everything else is just window dressing’… great, powerful words, VK. The whole post actually!
    At least change is upon us!
    Hope you’re having a good weekend, and that the pesky snow is behaving.

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    • Thanks TL…. Yes change is definitely upon us and very soon things may well get a bit dicey but hey, it will be worth it if we can get these controlling fools out of Govt and get on with living a simple life without political insanity….Pesky snow is quiet right now. Keeping my fingers crossed. The crazy prognosticator
      Punxatawny Phil (the groundhog) did not see his shadow today so supposedly we get an early spring. We shall see. After this polar vortex I have to wonder….Happy weekend…VK 🙂


  2. “Let the drama play out on the world’s stage but do not partake in it.” Well said VK… the energies are escalating into a volatile one as we progress through the changes which are affecting the whole of the planet.
    Its good to see while some may be crazily ramping up their aggression, others are stepping back and embracing peace. Balancing the two.. I hope.
    Snowing here today VK, but nothing like what you have been experiencing over there.
    Take care my friend.
    Much love and enjoy your weekend.. ❤

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    • Hey DW…..So glad the WP glitch is fixed! Getting snow huh? Yeah, it’s been a very brutal winter here and spring can’t come fast enough for me! Now you are getting snow….I hope for your sake it’s not a lot of snow. I guess by now you are sorting seeds and planting seeds and getting ready again for the allotment.I know that makes you happy 🙂 Hoping you too have a good weekend and I hope you are still enjoying your time away from the internet and the craziness. I know I am. I don’t post very often anymore
      Take care and much love to you. Hi to hubby….Love…VK <3.

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      • We have only had a sprinkling compared to down South, The media news is all about the upheavel caused by the snow on roads etc.. They are not used to having it that is why..
        I remember walking four miles to and from work one time in deep snow..
        And thankyou, yes all good here… wrapped up warm and snug and my WP is about done for the todays catch up I am going to absorb myself back in my reading book this afternoon..
        Take care my friend.. Much Love to you.. and take care too ❤ and finally the glitch seems sorted ❤

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  3. It’s snowing here now but nobody seems to know how much. Three different websites say something different. 1-3″, 3-5″, and 6-10″…Go figure. I’m hoping for the lesser amount. Sick of shoveling snow. Stay warm and hopefully tomorrow you’ll be rewarded with great snow scenes to capture…Hugs..VK ❤


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  5. HUGE APPLAUSE!!! Way to go, VK!!! LOVED this post and I couldn’t agree more with you! Hubby stopped watching the news for weeks now and believe me, it has been a different house. He is even now understanding “higher truths” when I talk about them. His Mind is no longer being hit with garbage. HAPPY DANCE!!!

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      • HUGE storm warnings here …. peeps are going nuts in the stores. I myself have to run an errand right now before this storm hits …. later this afternoon. I hope to get some pics of blizzards IF we get them. Teehee ….. No worries I’ll stay warm. I have the clothes believe me!! ☃️

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