I was just surfing around the news sites on the Internet and there are so many stories out there of panic because everything is falling apart. The latest story I just saw was this article about the number of stores closing and of course there is always panic over AI taking our jobs away. It is time to think OUTSIDE THE BOX! Stop looking at life the way it used to be, it’s not there anymore, we are rapidly changing and because of this, more than ever, we need to be rapidly changing our own lives and thoughts and perspectives. Yes stores may well be closing and yes AI is creeping into our lives and taking over jobs, but why must this be an end, something bad?

If we think outside the box and learn how to reinvent ourselves, our jobs, and our lives, we will adapt by doing something new to take the place of what is lost. Nothing ever stops completely, we are always moving and change is always underway, so we best accept this and learn to adapt. If we created our jobs and businesses before, we will do it again. If our skills are no longer needed as society moves forward then it is up to us to figure out what is needed NOW and go after that. Things become obsolete but that does not mean the end for something. No! We reinvent new ways of doing things, new ways of being, fulfilling new needs that arise as we move along. It’s not the end of the world as the main stream news would have you think. If you have a brain and know how to use it then you are all set. It’s time to recreate our reality and the reality that exists around us.

Articles like the one above are designed not to inform you but rather to scare you into seeing reality their way. No! We are smart and adept and able to see a bigger picture if we allow ourselves to and find the courage to take risks to get there. They want us to remain stuck where we are and become dependent on a way of life that is fast disappearing, but with some serious thinking and fresh ideas on life, we can plow ahead and find success in whatever we do if we just have courage and intent to succeed….

Nothing is truly ending! We just adapt and move forward. No need for Panic!!!

Blessings to all,


6 thoughts on “Reinvention….

  1. A beautiful inspiring post for us all to discern what we read… and not get scared but imagine ourselves carving out a new world❤️ Maybe you would like to join my writing challenge this year VK and describe your new earth you are birthing… to support others in being the change and adapting! It would also be nice to promote you! Much love Barbara x


  2. Right on. Nothing is ending …. yet change for most of us if not all of us is scary. Yet even if that is so, we have the choice to accept the change and adapt, or freak about the change and remain stuck in a rut. Really enjoyed this, VK. Change is good. Change is empowering. Change is exactly what is occurring right now. And we are in the position to create a New World.


  3. Exactly.. Nothing is ending it is all progressing, we are evolving.. And need to evolve too..
    Its like the doom and gloom of Brexit here in the UK. all the fear mongering of what will happen if we leave.. and yet no one is looking how to adapt..
    No one thought of that when we joined the EU and left many of our supplies such as NZ in the lurch . There farmers had to adapt and quickly to diversify and channel there skills else where..
    Things move on.. And its time we started to embrace the flow..

    Sending love VK.. hope there has been no more snow to shovel up.. ❤

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    • Thanks DW….No. no more snow to shovel thank goodness. I don’t even have the wood stove on! I’m taking a break from it all when I can..
      Yes, we seem to get stuck worrying about something we are told to worry about, we get hung up in it to the point of distraction and delusion and it never even occurs to us to think about how to reinvent ourselves or our situation to get free. It’s baffling. It’s like where we are stuck we stay as if frozen in place because so many have lost their ability to think for themselves. I just keep praying we continue moving forward and waking up and finally take responsibility for our actions.
      “No one thought of that when we joined the EU and left many of our supplies such as NZ in the lurch” is what you wrote above and that is exactly the problem. We don’t think! I hope that is changing and I hope even more we can begin to see the change for ourselves that we have been fighting for for so long now….Faith!!!! Happy weekending my friend. Much love to you….VK <3: .

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