Full Moon Approaches….



Gosh, the moon was so bright last night I would have thought it was the full moon then, but no…Not for two more days. It should be good and bright by then! It’s time to break free and live life anew! Here is the article. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Full Moon Approaches….

  1. Ah yes the moon. I walked into my kitchen the other night and stood stock still for the light was SO bright I couldn’t believe my own eyes. The moon was huge and seemed so close! The light flooded everywhere I looked. VERY troubling dreams as well full of terror. Now I will read the report to see if I can glean why my dreams …..


    • My intuition has become stronger and as a result I SEE exceedingly clear I have yet trouble brewing in my cat family. I put a call into my primary in-home euthanasia Vet to both talk to her and to alert her as to what is going on. One thing Cuddles taught me …. even IF I am wrong, do not hesitate to call this woman when my intuition is screaming to do so. I’ll keep you updated, dear friend. Now I go for a walk …..


  2. For some reason, VK, the Moon here to me doesn’t seem as bright as it usually does. Most odd. The sky was clear earlier and I could clearly see the Moon, and could see it’s getting Full, but I thought then it wasn’t as bright as usual. I must be imagining it…

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