11 thoughts on “It’s Time To Reconnect With What Matters…

  1. I’m reconnecting to the point that I’ve become butter fingers lately. My body seems out of sync with that around me and I am dropping things that I normally do not. I went to the library the other day and for the first time ever, could not find a book to read. Nothing felt right. It’s like I’m in a state of in-between before I get to the next step. I’m also having a lot of problems with my breath. Hubby has been doing a lot of acupressure on me so I can breathe right. Very clumsy and awkward stage I seem to be in. And oh …. another weird. I look at my face in the mirror and to me I haven’t looked this “well” in a long time. Yet, my body/mind is giving me trouble. Go figure. My conclusion is that my brain is making new synapses in a way that arenot comfortable for me yet. I’m like a live wire. In fact, in buying my CBD oil the other day, the young man I spoke to at one point had panic written all over his face as he struggled to get a breath when I was speaking. I totally lost my train of thought as I realized my energy was short circuiting him. Odd ……..

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    • Another oddity AR…I never got a notification in my email that you had posted this? Same thing happened with Sue for quite a while. As I said to her, they don’t like our thoughts communicating! I can SO relate to all you speak of as I am in a similar position! Yes, I think we are out of whack as we are in two worlds at one time. We get into the old world and try to do things new world style and we are unable to be precise and the same happens when we try to do old world things in the new world. It just is completely off!! I can’t even open jars some days or write a sentence neatly. I drop everything it seems and at times nothing makes sense. Welcome to the paradigm shift!!!! Hang in there and know we are nearing the end of this journey thank God! Hug the babies and have a great weekend. Stay warm and don’t blow away! I don’t know if you have the subzero temps and wind we have but not fun! Hugs my friend…VK ❤

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      • Thank God I’m not the only one going though crazy sh*t!! I’m also walking into things or banging my elbow on something. Hubby? Not understanding anything that comes out of my mouth and me? I’m unable to focus on what he is saying …. Grrrrr ….. Just so out of wack! I hope this will be over soon …. VERY uncomfortable! I’m going out today in a forest to get GROUNDED. I have to! I’ve got an appt. with a new Vet tomorrow and so I have to get this energy problem under control! High winds are finally dying down and I must do all I can to get this energy in me to ground. Yikes! Even though it is still blowing out there, I just have to get to a place I know where I can come to CALM. No worries … I will dress warm. Promise. My little rituals I’ve done for grounding are not helping ….. forest here I come!!! XOXO

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      • Also …. I commented on your New Moon post. Cuddles died on the New Moon, VK, and ever since that day utter chaos exploded all around me. It’s as though he was the catalyst for me to be propelled forward. This cat was utterly powerful in the flesh (when he walked he acted like he was shaking the house). I’m really curious who he really is in Spirit. Has he perhaps become my New Guardian? I don’t know. I’m having trouble “connecting”. Everything is just so topsy turvy!


  2. Beautiful share VK.. and indeed, I have been doing more of this of late.. We will all have to begin and make that choice soon.. And reflect upon what really matters, and stop subscribing to all the trivia which so many people thrive upon..
    Much love, and enjoy your re-connection!.. ❤ Love and Blessings to you DW

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