Time To Escape!

I’ve been watching and accessing what has been going on in the world lately and I just wanted to speak about some thing as best I can. First and foremost I hope we are all finally coming to the realization that we are indeed living in remarkable times. I use the word remarkable because we are experiencing things the world has not ever done before. We are on alien ground without a compass or directions and we are in the difficult end  stage of a war. We are exhausted, beaten down and brainwashed by lies being crammed down our throats day after day. Adolph Hitler’s sick Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels once said’ tell a big enough lie to the people long enough and they will believe it.’ This is what is going on today on a massive scale in main stream media. I don’t know how many people can understand that we are in the middle of a war for our minds. Whatever we choose to believe as a majority is what we will manifest as our reality and each side wants to win.  Scary thought indeed given all the insanity going on around the world.

People are being pushed into seeing the world as they are being told to see it through lies. Period! There is no place for free thinking in their world or thinking for oneself, there is no place for any questioning, there is definitely no room for truth! Truth is forbidden at all costs.  There is a strict narrative that must be followed in the dark’s quest for our minds and so that narrative is repeated over and over again until you know it by heart and it becomes who you are. Once this occurs you now will faithfully believe and never question what you are being told going forward and you now think the way they want you to think. There are those, however, who are awake and refuse to give up their minds, they will fight to the end for truth and they can never be recaptured and held prisoner ever again once they are awake. The war is raging right now and many do not even realize what is going on. It is time to take a step back and rethink who you are and what you believe in. Is it the truth or is it lies? It is now time to awaken, research and figure it out. Think for YOURSELF!  Good luck.

Blessings  to all,