Time To Escape!

I’ve been watching and accessing what has been going on in the world lately and I just wanted to speak about some thing as best I can. First and foremost I hope we are all finally coming to the realization that we are indeed living in remarkable times. I use the word remarkable because we are experiencing things the world has not ever done before. We are on alien ground without a compass or directions and we are in the difficult end  stage of a war. We are exhausted, beaten down and brainwashed by lies being crammed down our throats day after day. Adolph Hitler’s sick Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels once said’ tell a big enough lie to the people long enough and they will believe it.’ This is what is going on today on a massive scale in main stream media. I don’t know how many people can understand that we are in the middle of a war for our minds. Whatever we choose to believe as a majority is what we will manifest as our reality and each side wants to win.  Scary thought indeed given all the insanity going on around the world.

People are being pushed into seeing the world as they are being told to see it through lies. Period! There is no place for free thinking in their world or thinking for oneself, there is no place for any questioning, there is definitely no room for truth! Truth is forbidden at all costs.  There is a strict narrative that must be followed in the dark’s quest for our minds and so that narrative is repeated over and over again until you know it by heart and it becomes who you are. Once this occurs you now will faithfully believe and never question what you are being told going forward and you now think the way they want you to think. There are those, however, who are awake and refuse to give up their minds, they will fight to the end for truth and they can never be recaptured and held prisoner ever again once they are awake. The war is raging right now and many do not even realize what is going on. It is time to take a step back and rethink who you are and what you believe in. Is it the truth or is it lies? It is now time to awaken, research and figure it out. Think for YOURSELF!  Good luck.

Blessings  to all,



6 thoughts on “Time To Escape!

  1. I’m in tears as I write this, VK. I have HOPE that this world is swinging in a much better direction. After many years of prayer and INTENTION, I found a Veterinarian who is on the same wavelength as I am. In fact, she is working on her thesis right now to get her Masters in Acupuncture AND she has plans on expanding her practice to include more alternative means of healing. She has a Reiki Master on staff and she is open to ALL I am doing! Her remark about these alternative means of healing was … they have been around for thousands of years, meant to be employed. You have no idea the relief I feel. I wish I had arms to hold me as I weep from absolute exhaustion after dealing with such horrid Vets who should not even be practicing. My focus is on the NATURAL WORLD and gosh darn it, that is where it shall stay!! Sorry, these tears are getting in the way ……

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    • I just found out from this Vet that our Max probably would be alive today IF he had received Vita B injections, something our old Vet never mentioned even when I told him this cat has an absorption problem. He is also the cause of Cuddles’ death. And Prinny? Her euthanasia was a nightmare putting her in terror prior to the final injection. We were lied to, made fun of, never taken seriously. OMG! VK! I gotta go for along walk today to again rid myself of this huge hearbreak.

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      • Concentrate on what is good(having found a vet) and release the old crap from your grasp…It does nothing for you to keep replaying all of the horror. You cannot change what happened you can only create what is ahead…Those vets are not worth your anger and attention. Go walking, hug the babies and PLAY for the day!!! Go do something nice for yourself. Go to lunch, get yourself something you’ve always wanted, do something fun with hubby….LAUGH again!!!! Hugs…VK ❤

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      • When someone hurts my family to the degree this man and wife have, it is the furthest thing from easy to forgive and to let go. But in order for me to have PEACE, this is exactly what will occur. When I LOVE, VK, I Love with my whole being. These cats were are our kids, pure and simple. How would it set with you knowing that medicine basically killed one of your kids? That is the position I am in. Today I focus on forgiving, letting go and putting my energy into this great new Vet and everyone who works for her. Yes, I will laugh again, I do promise you. These people will NOT bring me down to their level nor will they steal my JOY!


    • Hurray!!! So glad that is behind you now and you can move forward in confidence…It was meant to be. Makes me think of that old saying about having to kiss frogs until you find the prince…I think I found another Naturopath to take me and luckily she specializes in exactly what I need her for! I’m hoping my old Doc will keep me on for the basics, emergencies etc. as he is a primary care physician and the new one isn’t. I pray he says yes then I’ll be all set. Never had two doctors before 🙂 Give yourself a chance to play this weekend and take a break and rest easy knowing your vet problem has been answered. Stay warm and keep that shovel handy!~!! Hugs to you….VK ❤

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