Challenge Yourself…

If we really are serious about wanting to change the world for the better, perhaps we best start with changing ourselves for the better first. Change begins with us and radiates outward into the world and to those around us. According to the various astrological reports I’ve read and have also posted on this blog, with Uranus moving into Taurus we should expect the unexpected and that includes the coming of CHANGE!

It’s time, we are long overdue to move forward and become a new version of ourselves, hopefully for the better. Knowing we are at this phase of our journey and with Uranus in Taurus at our backsides pushing us along, I challenge each of us to take this time to choose one aspect of ourselves or our lives we wish to change for the better and go after it until we are successful. Commit yourselves to this challenge and like a dog with a bone, don’t let go, don’t give up, stay true to your desire and follow through. If we are all doing this and doing it for the better, how can we go wrong?  I challenge myself to take more risks each day and welcome more of ‘life’ freely into my space instead of hiding from it. Good luck everyone!

Blessings to you all…. Visionkeeper ❤