7 thoughts on “New Moon Dreams….

    • Hey DW…Not getting any alerts in my mailbox as to comments. Bummer. I keep checking when I think of it. Sorry about that. Anyway, hope this new moon is productive for you,,,,Do you plant your seeds according to the moons stages? Have a happy weekend…Much love…VK ❤

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      • I do plant when I remember to follow the luna cycles, but mainly VK I follow my own intuition and they all seem to grow just fine 😀 and no worries about the updates of comments.. ❤


    • I thought you’d been quiet…Then again I see I am not receiving email alerts again that you commented. I am being shadow banned again, because of what I say. It’s getting really bad these days, the thought police are in full tactic mode…If I don’t respond to your comments sometimes it means I didn’t know you left one. Check your settings too maybe as sometimes WP switches settings somehow. They don’t like people communicating if they are outside the prison thinkers…It’s a sucky time to be here in one way and its an amazing honor as well to be witnessing all of this insanity as we, for the first time ever, shift paradigms…It’s a double edged sword….So drop me an email if you feel like talking…Hang in and breathe….Hugs. VK<3

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      • VK, your comment is the complete opposite of what I intended to do here. No matter what this world is doing, I focus on what is Good and Beautiful, and of Love. I will not get caught up in the morbid net. I have so much on my plate right now, it will take miracles to get me through what I must. Please re-read this post. See the Love. See the Beauty. Allow all that to settle into your Heart to bring you JOY. And see a world that is already unfolding, despite the dark that is so prevalent today. I’m really concerned you are having such a tough time ….. BREATHE …. and really SEE the New World that is contained in this post. BIG (((HUGS)))! 💞💞💞

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