Another World Is Possible…



Well, it seems to me given all of the negative news spewing hate filled rhetoric these days, that we who are awake to the truth, must stand up and use ourselves to push a new and more positive narrative out into the world. Imagine if you will all of us going out of our way to help other people, random acts of kindness. Not just once  because you saw a blind man waiting to cross a busy street and so you offer to walk across with him, but EVERYDAY as many times as the opportunity presents itself.

The world can either drown and sink beneath the violent waves of hate and greed and power, or it can shine and flourish as it rises up through the smoke and ruins to become what we desire for it to become. Loving and kind and sharing to all because race baiting no longer exists, lies no longer hold power, wealth no longer defines us therefore greed is useless. The only way we can possibly grasp the importance of this and why it is needed so desperately at this time, is by partaking in random acts of kindness, for it is only then one can feel the rush of good feelings one gets when one makes the effort to reach out to others. Once you do, it makes you want to do it again and hopefully again. This is how we change who we are for the better, by the repetition of doing good deeds until it becomes who we are automatically. It is our job now to shift the narrative from dark to light and lead the way to a better world. By helping others we help ourselves. Lets go for it!

Blessings, faith and love…


12 thoughts on “Another World Is Possible…

  1. So well said VK, it really is up to ‘US’ to pave the way, for we can see that our governments will not relinquish greed, power and control,
    It is up to us to promote love, kindness, and co-operation..
    Love and special hugs my friend..
    Hubby sends his regards, and hopefully this week the potatoes will be planted 🙂 now the storms and rain has stopped..
    Much love ❤

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    • I so agree AR…I think a lot of the insanity we’ve been drowning in has actually woken people up and started them thinking and asking is this the way I want to live. There is a major class action lawsuit against FB happening right now and I would imagine over time it will happen to Google and Twitter. Once people break free of the mind control and think for themselves, we are on our way to freedom…I think it might be good to thank these people we meet for waking up. It would help the awakening along I believe…Stay connected to the good ones AR…Hugs…VK ❤


    • Absolutely TL….Sadly a great many people are totally distracted from life’s essence. Until they awaken I think we must carry the load as best we can and spread the sharing far and wide…It’s why we are so varied and scattered here in Blog land…We each have a corner that is ours to tend. Tend well my friend! VK 🙂

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    • We do not have an easy task before us but then, did we ever? Like running kicks in people’s endorphins and they feel almost high, the more people go out of their way to help others, I think they would find the same rush… I wish we could become addicted to helping/sharing/giving as much as we are to drugs. What a different world it would be…. Thanks for popping in and saying hi 🙂 VK

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