Let There Be Light….

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There is a great deal of darkness in the world right now, chaos seems to enter into every incident we come upon. We are being fed a steady diet of lies and we feel lost and uncertain and yet we seem to sense within that there is more to life, another side to the story that needs our attention and investigation, there is a greater truth to be revealed to us. Let us all be the light that shines in the darkest corners revealing what is there. Let us become true to ourselves by honoring our individuality rather than following the herd to our demise. Let us feel pride in owning strong morals and standing for what is right, being the voice when there is nobody else to speak and demanding respect from ourselves as well as others. Become one with your soul that knows where you are going and is helping to guide you there (If you pay attention).

In essence what I am trying to speak about is reconnecting with life and with our light within. We each have so much to offer the world but so often it gets lost in the day-to-day scurrying about we find ourselves mindlessly doing. As unsettled as these times are, they are also pregnant with opportunities for change and betterment. Where the old ways break down and fail, new ideas blossom so we can build anew. Forget the daily soap opera being programmed into your heads everyday and think for yourself, listen to what your gut is telling you ( that is your soul talking to you). not what somebody else is telling you, Society has chosen materialism, drugs and social media to fill the voids within when all this time the void within is screaming for US to fill our own voids by reconnecting with who we truly are. The way back to a peaceful, happy life can only come about when we recognize how far we have drifted from our intended target and get ourselves back on the right road again to oneness. The human body is made up of light, so let yours shine brightly in the darkness.

Blessings and love to all,

Visionkeeper ❤

9 thoughts on “Let There Be Light….

  1. Left you a comment also on the previous post too VK..
    And yes, we are indeed LIGHT BEings.. but we have been so manipulated and dominated, altered from our original blue print,
    But I live in hope, that many now are re-awakening to the LIGHT within themselves VK.. and they are standing in the light of their own truth and beginning to speak out, and shine their lights to illuminate the world to what has been going on throughout the history of this planet..

    I have been absent from WP for a over a week, not wishing in fact to return, I even at one point thought I would close my blog down, I wondered did any one really understand..
    But I know LOTS of us understand, and it was the comment of one lady who said my posts made a huge difference to her, So we are helping, we are shining our lights, we are small beacons in the world waking others up to seek truth and find out about the reality of this world that is nothing like we are told ..

    It is a shock to the system when one understands what we know, and frustrating to say the least that we have been on this journey together VK for such a long time..
    But it is all going to blow itself wide open.. I feel it..

    I had to take time away, to just BE… The energies have been draining, and my overdoing it in the allotments didn’t help me.. But we cannot give in at the final hurdle.. And this is the highest jump yet..

    LOVE and Blessings dear VK.. Keep shining your light my friend.. It is Bright ❤
    Lots of love your way ❤

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    • Hey DW…Glad I stopped by my blog and noticed you had commented.I would have missed you other wise..I just come on to my blog now if I feel compelled to share something or else update the moon cycles, but I no longer go on just to put stuff out there. It just isn’t happening for me and I guess you have felt similar feelings. Thankfully we are at the end of this journey and don’t have to keep doing this much longer. I do it strictly for the reason that reader gave you for continuing. We do help people and especially now that everyone is now awake to the fake news and lies. People are desperate for the truth and so I think we will be busy again for a spell…In our OWN time that is!
      Be well my dear friend and don’t overdo getting that allotment planted! Hope all is well and life is being good to you… Sending you lots of love….VK ❤

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      • Agreed VK. Getting there. I went a bit mad on the plot lol. And my muscles paid the price. But swapped spade for brushes and paint. All is well and all will be as it’s meant to be. I keep telling myself. Just Breathe….. Lol 😀 much love 💕


  2. Oh YAY for VK!! Good for you! Yes find the Light and be the Light and stay in the Light. By doing this the Light will radiate further and further out into the darkness. It will grow. It will outshine the dark until those who are mired in mindless gunk, will see the Way to the Light and choose that Light. Bless you for this post, dear friend. Brava!! You sound like you are in a good place! YES!! 🦋🦋🦋🦋

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    • Hey there Wendi….Yes, we are a bunch of scurrying fools but thankfully we are awakening to truth and with truth comes peace in the end…So good to see you! Stay true to yourself and blessings to you…VK
      P.S. If your replies go unanswered for a while it is because many of us at WordPress are experiencing not getting alerted when people comment. Nobody seems to know why…hmmmm? Anyway I will get to everyone as best I can….

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