Filling The Void….

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I was reading this latest article released on religion and I just had to comment on it. Not a long post, just a few of my inner thoughts because I think it is so important for people to hopefully feel secure in these crazy and unreliable times we are living in. Yes, religion has taken a beating as more and more people wake up to truth. Religion was a great way to control the masses or so they thought at the time. Times have thankfully changed. I have never been a religious person. Do I believe in God? Most definitely. Do I believe he can only be found in church with a priest? No! I began to question the validity of religion when it was constantly mentioned that we were supposed to be God fearing men. What? Did anyone ever stop and think about that statement? If God is loving and cares for all people, why in heavens name should he be feared? To keep us in line, believing what  we are supposed to believe, doing what we are supposed to be doing.

That is not the God I know, that is organized religion with an agenda behind it. This is why so many people are leaving their churches in droves. They have seen through the agenda and once they do, there is no going back to the way things were. It is for this reason I just wanted to remind people that true security and faith and hope comes from believing in oneself and ones spirit. I’m not suggesting anyone not go to church if that brings you deep calm and peace, I’m just suggesting that that same calm and peace lies within each of us. If we can connect with our spirit within it can never be taken away from us, we are never left with a huge void to fill, we don’t have to feel alone and without faith, vulnerable and insecure. We have been taught to believe only someone outside of ourselves can bring us that peace.

Creator is not only found in church. He/she is in everything we see around us, in nature, in everyday miracles, even in disasters if we just look! There is good to be found in all bad. We may not see it right away but it will bless us eventually if we are patient. Creator is the spring flowers that have begun to unfold their beauty for us, he/she is there also in beautiful sunsets and sunrises, even in strangers sent our way we encounter who bring us lessons to be learned if we pay attention. Creator surrounds us everywhere, everyday. If you miss worshiping everyday, set up a quiet space in your home where you can go and share your prayers. Start paying attention to Synchronicity. If that book drops to the ground in front of you in the library pick it up and read it. If you are running late for work and a huge truck is stalled in the road in front of you, do not panic and grow angry. That truck is there for a reason you just don’t know what it is yet.

I guess why I really mentioned this at all is because I don’t want to think of people out there afraid and alone and feeling lost without faith or hope. It is always with you deep inside, we were just taught we had to go to church to find it. No we don’t! That is my message I wish to convey. You are complete just as you are in every sense of the word, it just takes you believing it is so. Think for yourself, be yourself, care about yourself. You are all you ever needed and just didn’t know it.

Blessings and love to all ❤ ,


5 thoughts on “Filling The Void….

  1. Beautiful post, VK. I feel very much the same as you do. Bless you for encouraging others not to “fear God”. Yes, that struck me as odd too …. all of my life in fact since a child. Nope. God is LOVE. 💞

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    • Thank you AR….It is amazing what we take in that is utter BS and yet we are made to believe it. Until we wake up anyway! Then there is NO going back.Once you understand all of these clever tactics they put before us were nothing more than ploys to control us, you begin to see ALL of the dots connecting and BINGO! You awaken…..I just want so much for people to know they have themselves and do not need a religion to keep them afloat..If religion is a positive experience for someone I say go for it but for others they have all they need within themselves..We are all strong just as we are. Yeah, I figured you would probably be thinking along the same lines….Take care and hugs to you…..VK ❤

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      • Even my a bit fanatical religious sister is no longer going to an established church. I was shocked when I learned this and am curious as to why. She doesn’t say much and I have to be careful how much I can “pull” out of her. I’ve known about this Connection since a child, VK. My “church” is Mother Nature and will always be so. That is not to say that I converse with those in Spirit who I am comfortable with, or who I’m drawn to.

        Story: Two days before Bella died, I was at Reinstein Park. OHHHH it was cold and the winds were biting. I was nuts for being out there but ….. my Heart guided me to go. At a cross-fork where I had to decide to head back to my vehicle or continue getting blasted by the winds, I stood while deciding. Suddenly the entire sky I began to see bright blue light. No matter where I shifted my gaze, I saw another huge blue light. One of those in Spirit I talk to is Archangel Michael. His color is BLUE. I spoke to him at the time saying IF you think I am going towards that blue you have another thing coming. I’m going home. (The blue was above the big pond) Now in thinking back, that was Michael’s way of telling me I AM NOT ALONE regarding Bella dying. I have never felt the Peace I do today as I continuously feel a Presence helping me get through this painful time. Everyone is this family is taking Bella’s death the best of anyone’s in this house. How it happened and what we did, making sure we kept her until we were really ready to let go, made all the difference in the world. I’ve never seen huge blue lights like that, VK. Never. I see sparks of blue and purple but nothing close to what I saw that day.

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    • We are always getting messages but most often we do not notice them. Once we learn to observe them and learn from them things seem to go more smoothly. You obviously got a message that day. It is so important to know someone is behind you and has your back and is there to help you through tough times. Michael was there for you…He always will be.
      I think a great many people now see through the sad hoax religion has played upon us. Very clever way to keep the sheep in line…That said, if religion helps somebody get through the trials and tribulations of life I support them 100%. Just not me…Nature is a beautiful example of creator at his finest…Glad your sister is hopefully out from under. Life changes dramatically when we realize we were what we needed all along…Hugs AR….VK ❤

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