Ode To Maggie…

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I recently lost a dear friend suddenly which I found to be quite shocking to my system. It took me several days to digest what had transpired. I certainly didn’t want that painful experience to be all there was to my friend’s passing, I wanted to spend time with my grief and find the lesson it had to offer me. There is always good hidden within the bad if we take the time to look for it.  Sometimes it appears quickly and we go “Ah…So that was what it was all about”. Then again sometimes the lessons to be learned can take days or months to reveal their purpose. You never know how things will play out which is why we must have faith that the good is there if we are patient.

Being in the last stage of my life I have lost quite a few people throughout the years and yet this death hit me harder than the others. That intrigued me and so I sat with my sadness for two days and searched for the answers I was after. So why was this passing so crushing to my heart? I realized how our friendship had allowed me to be myself with no fear ever of being judged or thought less of. We both shared that wonderful aspect of our friendship. It flowed both ways easily. In recognizing this fact I also  suddenly realized how much of my life is spent wearing masks for whomever I am with at that moment. It is exhausting to always be on guard, second guessing ourselves, trying so hard to be someone maybe we really aren’t just so we can fit in and be accepted.

Life right now is one giant stage filled with ego driven actors vying for the publics attention. It never stops, what we see is a play, a drama unfolding but sadly far from the truth of the reality we are living in. Nobody it seems is being authentic, they are revealing particular sides to themselves so they can capture their audience and complete their agendas. I used to think it was all the lying by these people that drove me quietly insane,which was true, but it is more than that. There is no authenticity to life anymore. We say and do what we need to say or do to get to where we are going. This is so wrong and it is essentially why life is NOT operating smoothly today. Everyone has memorized their lines that they regurgitate over and over, but WHO ARE THEY REALLY? Who is hiding behind the masks and why?

My dear friend’s passing has reminded me of the importance of being authentic in one’s life. Be who you truly are! Do what your heart and soul truly want you to do. Say what is truthfully in your heart not your head. NEVER be afraid to be yourself or fear what others will think of you! The world seems so exhausted right now and stressed out and that is because nobody is truly being themselves, they are play acting and that sucks our souls energy and steals away our true purpose. How can we live a meaningful life if we are never being who we really are?

I think there is little hope for the political fools who are destroying the country lie by lie, but there is great hope for each of us out here who wishes to live an authentic life and has the courage to be vulnerable and offer themselves to the world just as they are, masks off and heart open to giving and receiving. I intend to spend the rest of my life doing just that and hopefully life’s meaning will expand and reward me for my efforts. We can all do this. It’s what the world needs desperately to survive. TRUTH!

Blessings and love,

Visionkeeper ❤