7 thoughts on “Intense Full Moon Approaches…

  1. Several things came to mind when I read this, VK. Hubby. Hubby fought at first but then on his own cognizance just yesterday, has made a huge jump in consciousness choosing to solidly work as a team for this family at large, putting some of HIS needs aside. That’s a biggie! Another thing that comes to mind is something I discovered on a website that showed me how low, and I mean low, some people have fallen. I found a great product. I went to buy this product but …. when I went to check out, this website wanted TWO things from me that they will not get, not until I have no breath in me. In order to conclude the checkout process they wanted my (are you ready?) my social security # AND they would not accept my credit info (that is encrypted) demanding that I type the credit card number in the box. I was furious! NEVER have I have seen such blatant corruption on a site. They figure that this product is so good (and it is!) that people out of desperation will buy it (and they do because I met one). I don’t know who to report this site to …. perhaps you do. It is SO wrong what they are doing.

    I plan on being out in Nature this weekend, even though it is raining and a bit chilly. I’m finally feeling stronger (YAY!). May you have a wonderful weekend, VK! Much Love to you! 🦋🦋🦋

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    • Sick! I would report it to the better business bureau. I’m sure you will get placed in some waiting list of crimes that never really get dealt with but at least you will have made the effort. Who knows, maybe they will be shut down in the end. The site sounded pretty shady to me. There is scum out there just waiting to destroy people’s lives, good credit and trust…Sad. Glad you did not follow through and I’m sure there is another product out there that is just as good, maybe even better 🙂 Stay in the woods. The trees and flowers never deceive us….Love & hugs to you…..VK ❤

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      • I take our security very seriously, VK. I went back and looked over the site again and it really looks legit. I searched and found a letter to their company from the FDA which states they are making medical claims that they cannot. But! That letter was in 2014 and the site is still up and running. Makes you think, doesn’t it? I tried going to the BBB and when I put in the site a 404 error popped up, telling me that site does not exist. Really? That’s as far as I’m going. Sometimes ya just gotta choose your battles. And you are right. Mother Nature NEVER deceives! (((HUGS)))!!! XO


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